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North American ammonium nitrate laws best in world, Nutrien CEO says

Winnipeg | Reuters — North America’s regulations for handling ammonium nitrate, a potentially explosive product used in fertilizer and in the mining industry, are the strictest in the world, the CEO of Canadian fertilizer producer Nutrien said Tuesday. An ammonium nitrate stockpile exploded last week in Beirut killing at least 171 people, injuring 6,000 and […] Read more

Livestock auction marts to decide on next steps

Livestock Marketing Association of Canada pondering next move in face of pandemic

You may want to call first to see if it’s open, but many auction marts in Alberta were still having sales on Tuesday morning. The Livestock Marketing Association of Canada has a conference call set for this evening to discuss COVID-19 safety measures for staff, customers and buyers, said Chance Martin, an LMAC director and […] Read more

Poor installation of high amperage, unprotected cables running through a jagged metal opening on this truck could have resulted in a major fire.

Inspect newly purchased machines thoroughly

Poor-quality work put this “new-to-us” truck at serious risk of fire

When a used, new-to-you vehicle or machine arrives on the farm, it’s worth putting on your coveralls and giving it another more thorough inspection than it likely received at the auction sale or dealer’s lot when it was purchased. Doing exactly that saved this heavy truck from what would have been an inevitable fire. And […] Read more

Technology has greatly improved efficiency, but it can put more demands on producers as well.

Make the smart health choice

Approach your health plan as seriously as you approached your spring cropping plan

Many producers I talked to before spring seeding said they were going to run hard and put in long hours to make up for the late start. From a risk management perspective, the No. 1 priority every spring should be your health and safety. Over the past 10 years, advancements in equipment and technology have […] Read more

Having the ‘s’ talk on your farm

Don’t wait for an accident to happen before you talk about safety

Like many of you, I’ve checked out the grain bin suffocation demonstration at the farm shows and collected many farm safety brochures. I think this spring is finally the time when we’ll do things more intentionally on our farm. Why now? We experienced family trauma in October during harvest when a key person crashed a […] Read more

’Tis the season for farm safety

The busiest times of the year are also the best times to slow down and plan for safety

Seeding. Harvest. Calving. Silage. Haying. These are busy seasons. We should also consider these busy times a great opportunity to invest in the safety of our team. Gearing up for the busy seasons often means getting equipment ready, preparing work areas and stocking up on supplies. Team members are coming back or are gearing up […] Read more

72 hours or more…

Farm Safety Week: Canadians are advised to be prepared for 72 hours without services. Are you ready?

A few weeks ago, we had a big storm. Roads were terrible. Power was intermittent at best. It was cold. Our friends in town were struggling. They couldn’t imagine how we were managing the conditions. We handled the storm well because we were prepared. Canadians are advised to be prepared for 72 hours without services. […] Read more