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Rye prices seen high, but stable

CNS Canada –– Rye crops have been reacting to Saskatchewan’s heat and dryness by developing faster than they would normally be — but healthy crops elsewhere appear to be helping to keep global prices stable, at least for the time being. U.S. crops may stop rye prices from moving too turbulently, at least until Canada’s […] Read more

Fusarium in wheat.

New fusarium control on the horizon

Farmers who spray fungicides for fusarium may soon have a new biocontrol to consider

Fusarium head blight is a perennial problem for cereal growers across the Prairies. A fungal disease that can impact many small grain cereals including wheat, rye, barley and oats, fusarium is caused by infection by species of the fungal pathogen Fusarium, and can result in yield losses and reductions in grade and end-use quality. It […] Read more

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle to getting winter crops seeded is having the right mindset.

Rye, oh rye?

Got the unseeded acre blues? Consider this fall cereal

I’ve heard it called a poor man’s crop, a niche market, prehistoric and a weed. Fall rye brings out strong feelings in some farmers and is completely off the radar of others. With unseeded and now flooded acres across the Prairies, there might be a fit for fall rye in some crop rotations. Penny-pinching crop […] Read more