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Cutaway view of the components in the original Challenger 65 design.

How engineers invented the rubber-belted ag tractor

Part two: We finish the story by revealing how two research engineers at Caterpillar teamed up to merge ag crawlers with rubber belts

In the late 1970s, Caterpillar had been selling a limited number of SA (Special Application) crawlers to farmers. But the high-horsepower, articulated, four-wheel drive ag tractors that were pouring onto the market were eating into demand for those machines. For that and other reasons Caterpillar executives eventually decided to develop and market their own four-wheel […] Read more

The first belted ag tractor to hit the market was Caterpillar's Challenger 65.

How engineers developed the rubber-belted tractor

Part One: In the late 1970s Caterpillar was looking for a way to 
break into the ag tractor market. It had two options

This year even a casual stroll through a farm machinery show will reveal the obvious trend toward increased use of rubber-belted track systems. And manufacturers have recently introduced even more options for those who want the benefits that technology offers. In less than three decades belts have gone from the fringe to the mainstream, so […] Read more