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Report pegs U.S. dairy support levels

U.S. dairy farmers continue to benefit from broad agriculture supports, a study shows. Dairy Farmers of Canada has had Grey, Clark, Shih and Associates regularly study the effect of U.S. government policy on dairy farms in that country. The latest version of the project was released at the Dairy Farmers of Canada policy conference held […] Read more

Outside panel named for farm risk management review

A panel of 11 “external” experts from across the country has been picked to offer guidance and feedback on a federal/provincial review of farm business risk management (BRM) programming. The panel’s appointment follows an agreement by federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers back in July to launch a review of BRM programs, assessing those programs’ […] Read more

Ontario’s RMP stays unchanged for 2018

Ontario’s agriculture ministry won’t be making any changes to its Risk Management Program (RMP) for the 2018 program year. Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal, in a recent letter to Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) chair Mark Brock, said he has decided not to proceed with interim changes to RMP for 2018, pending a review of federal/provincial […] Read more

Ministers agree on new ag funding framework

Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial ministers for agriculture have agreed on the bones of a new five-year policy funding framework, committing them to a review of its business risk management (BRM) programming. The ministers came out of three days of meetings Friday in St. John’s with the “key elements” of a five-year, $3 billion framework, […] Read more

Manitoba seeks more climate-responsive risk management

A Manitoba provincial task force has been set up to seek ways in which farm risk management programs could be “more comprehensive and sustainable” in handling “climate-related challenges” such as floods. “Manitoba’s farmers have told us existing agricultural programs can’t adequately address these climate-related challenges, especially as they become more common,” Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn […] Read more

Risk management and managing a farm

There are many aspects to consider to help ensure you'll have a successful operation

Most of us in agriculture are aware of the risks involved. Any biological system that makes long-term plans around both Mother Nature and human nature is bound to have challenges. Managing through these challenges can create some exciting times and opportunity. Grass Having grass is one of the best defences against risk in the cattle […] Read more

Writing a farm safety program

There are lots of economic, practical and common sense reasons to write a safety plan for your farm

You’ve seen the farm safety folks at the farm trade shows and farm events. They’re the loneliest booths there. And they’re a resource that is very under utilized by farmers. In a perfect world, safety would be first. But too often it is “safety third” on our farms. While, like emergency planning, safety planning is […] Read more