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Opinions differ on quinoa prices in 2019

CNS Canada — There are opposing views on what will happen with Canadian quinoa prices in 2019. One buyer believes the specialty crop will increase a few cents per pound; another believes the price will slightly decrease in the New Year. Dan Boulton of NorQuin at Saskatoon said there is a world shortage of quinoa, […] Read more

On Dalgarno’s operation he gets yields between 850 and 1,000 clean pounds per acre after dockage has been taken off.

Quinoa a profitable rotation crop

This Manitoba farmer says quinoa has been an agronomic bonus for his farm

Quinoa is no longer just for health nuts. Most Canadian consumers are familiar with the ancient grain, and it’s increasingly used as a value-added ingredient in boxed cereals and baked goods due to its high protein and fibre content. And though its low acreage still puts it in the “niche” category of production in western […] Read more


CCGA cash advance applications out early

Among other changes to the program, applications are available earlier this year for spring cash advances through the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). The CCGA on Thursday announced it’s now accepting applications for the 2017-18 advance payments program (APP), which offers cash advances on 45 different crop and livestock commodities. The CCGA is the administrative […] Read more


Quinoa crops flourish so far across Prairies

CNS Canada — The Canadian Prairies may seem an unlikely place for quinoa to flourish, but the South American grain is making remarkable gains up north. There is only one company, Northern Quinoa Corp., growing and producing quinoa in Canada. For over 20 years they’ve grown and produced small acreages, but the rising popularity of […] Read more

Fenugreek (shown) is used as both a culinary and medicinal herb and is a common ingredient in Indian food.

Should I grow the latest new crop?

Angela Lovell asks the experts whether or not getting in on a hot new trend is a good idea

Niger, quinoa, fenugreek. These are just a few of the new crops starting to appear on a very small number of acres across Western Canada, but the biggest question farmers should be asking about them is — who’s going to buy them? “With any new crop, farmers should make sure they’re not listening to marketing […] Read more

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New special crops round-up

Hemp, quinoa, fababeans, camelina, hairy vetch, carinata and guar bean. Get the inside scoop

Some farmers love growing the latest “new” crop. Others drive by them in their neighbours’ fields and wonder what they are. There is no definitive list of “special” crops. Many crops we think of as “new” are actually very old. Some that are “special” in one area are standard in another. This is not an […] Read more

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Quinoa: the new ancient superfood

With growing demand, Northern Quinoa plans to triple its contracted acreage for the 2015 growing season

Quinoa has been cultivated for thousands of years. During that time it has been variously revered as sacred, relied on to feed a people and it has also been misunderstood and under-appreciated. Quinoa can be grown in many geographies given the right conditions, but its origins are high up in the Andes Mountains of South […] Read more