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When seeding pressure mounts, we all need to be reminded to extend grade to one another.

Calibrate yourself for seeding, create positive responses

Be aware of how you’re reacting to the farm team when under pressure

Getting machines ready for seeding launches farmers out of bed in anticipation of a new season. “How are you calibrating yourself for seeding stresses?” As we age, are we open to change behaviours and do a “reset of our default habits” to create a more positive culture on our farm team? Peter Drucker said “culture […] Read more

Clubroot can damage more than just the bottom line

Clubroot can damage more than just the bottom line

Along with economic and agronomic problems, clubroot causes emotional damage

Clubroot is a potentially devastating disease for canola growers in Western Canada. Severely infested fields may not be able to grow canola in the foreseeable future. Less-severe fields may see yield drops without a change in farming practices. That adds up to a financial hit for affected farmers. But while the economic and agronomic realities […] Read more

I want to take steps now to make sure my husband stays healthy — both physically and mentally.

I worry about my farmer’s stress

Nurse Loves Farmer: Measures need to be taken to preserve health and decrease stress levels on the farm

In the fall of 2006 when I was still dating my farmer, I’ll never forget the day we were lounging in his basement bedroom listening to music in the house he rented from in Edmonton. This house was a mere three-block stroll to the University of Alberta, where he was finishing up his crop sciences […] Read more

Emotional agility during harvest

Emotional agility during harvest

This means if you have troubling thoughts or emotions you can still act in a way 
that serves how you most want to live

I love harvest. The golden glow of waving wheat, the meals in the fields, and the joy of everyone on the farm team working hard to “get ’er done!” 2017 is a stressful harvest for the folks suffering from drought, the after-effects of the 2016 delayed harvest, and a myriad of other issues. Regardless of […] Read more

Dealing with abusive behaviour on your farm

You have to be proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour

I soaked up the seminar “Dealing with Abusive Behaviour at work,” led by Dave McNaughton an HR specialist from Winnipeg. Dave referred to Dr. Stephen Hart’s video from the Proactive Resolutions company, (You have to love the idea of being proactive rather than reactive to bad behaviour in the workplace.) Give everyone a safe […] Read more