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The first step was to find the right raw material.

A project for a cold winter week

Need a place to store your back issues of Grainews? Try this at home before it's time for seeding

We had been talking about it for a long time. We would either purchase shelving for our living room or I would make something. In summer, such deliberations seem like a waste of time. There’s farming to be done. Well, it’s done. And it’s pretty nifty, I must say, a giant raw-wood bookshelf hewn from […] Read more

Man moving engine on dolly.

Dolly improves shop organization

Building a dedicated dolly to hold heavy components can help maximize available shop space

The trouble with working on long-term mechanical projects in the farm workshop is they often interfere with the day-to-day jobs that need to roll in and out the doors. The large components removed from a big project can tie up a lot of floor space, and it seems the spot you chose to place them […] Read more