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ExactRate is a factory-installed option that precisely monitors and controls liquid fertilizer application during planting.

John Deere’s new system optimizes liquid fertilizer at planting

Factory-installed ExactRate precisely monitors and controls inputs

Now, more than ever, optimizing inputs is key to maintaining a successful farm business, and multiple companies are rolling out new technologies to help. John Deere’s newest addition is ExactRate, a factory-installed, liquid fertilizer system that precisely monitors and controls the application of liquid fertilizer during planting. ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to help […] Read more

Kinze introduces the 4700 planter

Narrow 20-inch 
row version debuts

In February Kinze introduced its 4700 planter, which is a newly designed model offering a narrow 20-inch row spacing. It uses a three-section frame capable of 15 degrees of up and down flexing to maintain ground contact. The 4700 uses the brand’s Blue Vintage display and Blue Drive electric drive system along with True Depth […] Read more

Vaderstad has added a 24-row version to its Tempo planter line. It’s designed specifically for planting small-seeded crops like canola. It’s available in 12, 16, 18 and 24 row versions with spacings from 17.7 to 20 inches.

Vaderstad debuts ‘small seed’ planter

The 24-row Tempo L24 is designed to meet needs of canola growers

At Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina last year, Vaderstad (the Swedish company that now owns Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk) debuted the newest version of its Tempo planter line, the L24. The brand calls it their “next generation high-speed planter,” because it’s designed specifically for use with small-seeded crops like canola. “This is the first edition […] Read more

Will the planter become the implement of choice for canola growers as average yields increase?

Will today’s seeding equipment work in a higher-yield future?

Can air drills still deliver efficiency with 80-bushel canola yields?

When Jeremy Hughes, product manager for seeding and planting implement manufacturer Horsch, makes the rounds to customer events, one of the questions he puts to attendees is this: can the air drill of today still be the implement of choice when farmers expect to grow 80-bushel-per acre canola? “It takes 2.5 to 3.5 pounds of […] Read more

Clean Seed Capital has acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, and the newly expanded company expects to offer a canola-ready planter to the Canadian market by 2020. This prototype was on display at the Ag in Motion farm show in July.

Clean Seed adds a planter

Clean Seed and Harvest International join forces

A couple of years ago, Clean Seed Capital finally introduced the CX6 seed drill that the company had let farmers know was coming down the pike. Now with two years of CX6 production under its belt, Clean Seed is expanding its manufacturing footprint. In July the company announced it had acquired U.S.-based Harvest International, a […] Read more

This year John Deere is adding a 
60-foot model to its line of 1895 air drills.

Deere adds to its 1895 air drill line

A new 60-foot model stretches available working widths

In March, John Deere revealed the newest addition to its model 1895 line of air drills, a 60 foot version, which stretches the maximum available working width considerably. The new flagship model also gets some new technology to help improve seed and fertilizer placement. “This wider no-till air drill is a perfect fit for producers […] Read more

Seven new product reveals from John Deere

In early June John Deere invited members of the farm media to its Harvester Works facility in Moline, Illinois, to see the full line of equipment it was introducing in 2017. And all of it was parked on the lawn in front of that combine manufacturing facility for reporters to photograph and learn about from […] Read more

12- and 16-row Kinze 3660 planters can be ordered with electric meter drive for 2016.

Kinze adds meter electric-drive to its 3660 planters

12- and 16-row model 3660 planters coming soon with electric meter drives

Getting accurate seed spacing is particularly important for corn crops, according to agronomists. But several components in a planter’s mechanical drive system, such as worn or rusty drive chains, can potentially cause problems with spacing accuracy. The trend today among many manufacturers is to offer electric drive systems as an option to eliminate that problem. […] Read more

The Seatters seeded their entire canola crop with a planter similar to this one, also seeding some test strips with their air seeder.

Seeding canola with planters

Two Westlock, Alberta farmers had a good harvest and saved costs after 
seeding their canola with a corn planter last spring

In 2014, two Westlock, Alberta, farmers cut their canola seed costs by $40 per acre by seeding with corn planters. They saw no yield loss. Is this the new way to go? At a Westlock seminar last winter, agronomist Geoff Doell of GROWTH Agrinomics Inc. told farmers that seeding canola using a precision vacuum corn […] Read more