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EU starts in-depth probe of Bayer-Monsanto deal

Brussels/Frankfurt | Reuters — The European Commission has started an in-depth investigation of Bayer’s planned US$66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds group Monsanto, saying it was worried about competition in various pesticide and seeds markets. The deal would create the world’s largest integrated pesticides and seeds company, the Commission said, adding this limited the number […] Read more

Syngenta’s Willy Ruegg in a greenhouse full of canola plants.

Research, development and discussion

Researchers develop crop 
protection products, regulators 
limit use and consumers worry

Syngenta is a household name for farmers so I was quite excited at the opportunity to visit its Crop Protection plant in Stein, AG, Switzerland, this January with the Swiss Farm Writers Association. The Stein plant is the third largest globally and concentrates on research and development of fungicide and insecticide products. Less than three […] Read more

Canola plants in a low part of one field looked stunted and were dropping flowers.

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: Canola crop puzzle

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the March 3, 2015 issue of Grainews

Joe, who grows canola, wheat and barley at his farm near Spring Coulee, Alta., called me in July to alert me to a problem with one of his crops. His canola in some areas of the field wasn’t doing well, and he had been told by a retailer that poor seed might be to blame. […] Read more

Feds scrap ‘conditional’ pesticide approvals

Federal crop chemical regulators this summer will stop granting “conditional” registrations for new pesticides — a practice already largely on the way out, they note. Health Canada, which oversees the federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), said Tuesday it plans to stop granting new conditional registrations starting June 1, describing the move as an “important […] Read more

The latest buzz on bees and neonics

Ontario government proposes restricted use of neonic-treated seed

The Ontario government has released its proposed regulatory changes to the provincial Pesticides Act to restrict the sale and use of corn and soybean seed treated with neonicotinoids in the province — and to say Ontario’s grain farmers aren’t pleased would be an understatement. According to provincial agriculture minister Jeff Leal, the intent is to […] Read more

2015 crop input rebate roundup

Corporate rebate programs can make a difference to your bottom line, or at least give you a bonus cheque 

I’m sure you’ve seen most of this information in your mailbox at least once, but here’s a chance to see a rundown of all the input rebate programs in one place, to make it a little simpler to compare offers while you’re putting the final touches on your spring seeding plans. For the most part, […] Read more

Is that pesticide still good?

Farmers often pre-buy pesticides and bulk buying is on the rise. The reasons for doing so makes sense — some want put-off taxes by purchasing before their year-end; others purchase early to take advantage of sales and promotions from chem companies. There can also be money saved by buying pallets, large totes or even bulk […] Read more