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pouring farm chemicals

Chemical safety on the farm

You use them so often they may not even seem to be all that dangerous
 anymore. But make sure you know just what you’re dealing with

Every year farmers and farm workers come in contact with a wide variety of chemicals. Often they’re used every season and farmers can become familiar with them, even a bit complacent about the dangers they pose. Each chemical will have an information sheet and information tag. All chemicals and medications have Material Safety Data Sheets […] Read more

Dress for success to apply pesticides

Farm safety

With the planting season upon us, pesticides will be part of the arsenal of tools used to prepare for and maintain the impressive patchwork of golden wheat, creamy oats, mustard canola and azure flax across the Prairies. Keeping pests at bay often requires handling chemicals, so the right mix of safe handling practices and personal […] Read more