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Farmers have a culture of pushing through pain, but pain is generally not a beneficial thing to push through in terms of longevity in our health and performance.

Don’t just carry on if you’re experiencing pain

Fit to Farm: This can lead to burnout, injuries, illness, and lower stress tolerance

I see all sorts of complaints in the clinic, ranging from sore backs, tense shoulders, headaches, and acute injuries. When we’re going through a busy time, it’s important to keep in mind some simple tools to help prevent, and alleviate, the symptoms of busyness. Farmers have a culture of pushing through pain, but pain is […] Read more

Pain that lasts a long time sometimes stops feeling like pain, and becomes a part of who we are, sometimes appearing as other health conditions.

Do you suffer from constant pain?

Pain is the body’s way of saying something is wrong. Don’t just stifle it

A client messaged me today — a local farmer who had started seeing me as a personal trainer. Routinely complaining about his shoulder pain during sessions, I suggested we focus on rehabbing his pain first, but was met with resistance as he had already “tried more than six therapists and nothing had worked.” I left […] Read more

A person with cancer may feel they are walking a lonely and difficult road.

At least say hi to me!

Here’s some things that people found helpful and not so helpful after being diagnosed with cancer

When David* was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer and told he had a year at most to live, he and his wife Angie* went through a very difficult time of adjustment. Knowing that their wide circle of friends and large family were there for them meant a lot. Urs Eschbach, a […] Read more