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With new animal health products it is not just the effectiveness of the product that makes a difference.

Taking a look at a new antimicrobial product

It's important to look at the pros and cons, if any, and ask questions

These days all antimicrobials, NSAIDs and a few other products are prescription products with most coming under the VCPR (veterinary client-patient relationship) requirement. NSAIDs stands for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is best that producers educate themselves on new, emerging products that may benefit their operation or management style. Everyone needs to realize that any new […] Read more

Firing up the branding irons at a branding in southern Saskatchewan. The beef industry 
is finding ways to mitigate pain, but challenges remain.

Pain management in cattle

Several products are effective, but pay attention to timing

There’s no doubt that some routine procedures such as castration are painful for cattle. Fortunately, researchers are figuring out how producers can mitigate pain with products on the market today. Dr. Eugene Janzen of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has been studying pain mitigation in beef cattle for several years. He says […] Read more

Implants can really improve calf performance but proper application is important.

Important tips for calf processing

Be properly prepared and do it right – good for cattle and business

As spring calves are ready to head out to grass soon with their mothers, it is a good time to review your protocols, methods and any issues you had this year and introduce ways to improve even more so for next year. There are two main ways ranchers process calves. The first is the traditional […] Read more

Beef cows get mastitis, too

Early treatment can save the udder, and plan to cull susceptible animals

Even though we think of mastitis as more of a dairy disease, beef producers still need to be vigilant for the condition in their herds. With higher milk production and cows being retained in herds longer, both these factors have a tendency to increase mastitis incidence. Mastitis cases can be smouldering during the long period […] Read more