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Many farms across Western Canada will likely be dealing with a certain amount of mouldy feed that can be fed in small amounts if blended off with better quality feed.

Vitti: Options for including mouldy feed in rations

Know what you have and blend it off with the good stuff

This year, not many people harvested and stored good-quality hay on the northern Prairies. A cool spring and droughty summer capped by a couple of feet of autumn snow forced many producers to harvest thousands of mouldy hay bales. For many, this is their only forage supply to overwinter beef cows. Fortunately, we can set […] Read more

Silage corn grown during drought can lead to feed quality and safety issues.

Drought-stricken corn can make dangerous silage

High nitrate levels, moulds and toxins might prevail

Much of this year’s corn crop across the southern Prairies has been once again hit by drought. My photograph of a southern Manitoba cornfield in mid-August shows one of the worst cornfields I have ever seen. It tasselled out early with curled grey leaves and no visible cobs on its stalk. Most whole plants were […] Read more

New wheat varieties fight fusarium

Agronomy tips... from the field

Looking at new wheat varieties for 2017? Yield, standability, as well as protein and maturity will still be top of mind. And for many, fusarium tolerance will also be high on the list. Fusarium is now established across Western Canada, and in years when environmental conditions favour the disease, it can have devastating impacts on […] Read more

The white, shriveled kernels have been damaged by fusarium. Take safety measures to minimize risk.

Got fusarium? Handle it safely

Fusarium damaged grain can be dangerous to more than just your bank account

Does handling fusarium infected grain pose more risks to producers than regular grain? It’s a question that yields few answers to the casual researcher or farmer looking for information online. In fact, according to J. David Miller, a professor at Carleton University, you only really hear about the dangers of fusarium damaged grain, and how […] Read more

Mouldy corn mixed into dairy cattle's diet could be very harmful to their health and performance.

Do not feed mouldy corn to dairy cattle

Mould count tests are inexpensive, but their usefulness is limited, since most moulds are not poisonous

Last year’s weather was not particularly kind to growing corn on the eastern Prairies. A late spring planting, cold weather in July, and topped off by a cloudy fall created millions of bushels of corn that was not initially dry enough for storage. Some of this wet corn was dried down and augered into a […] Read more

Fusarium affected seed on the left.

Alberta’s fusarium action plan

Fusarium graminearum is listed as a pest under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act. To control the disease and keep it from lowering grain yield and quality, the province of Alberta has an extensive management plan in place. But some believe the Fusarium Management Plan is be too restrictive. Alberta’s Fusarium Management Plan was developed to […] Read more