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Specs and SPACs, Part 2

...and how my idiot son quintupled his money in two months

No children were insulted in the writing of this article. In fact, our youngest gave me the subtitle, and is the lead character in the story. (Read Part 1, here) As they were growing up, our kids were learning how to allocate scarce resources from their allowance and sports refereeing earnings between immediate gratification (a […] Read more

In this farm couple's case, there are two alternative strategies to cut taxes.

A couple looks for a low-tax route to turn their farm into retirement income

With no kids who want to take on the farm, a low-tax exit strategy is needed

A couple we’ll call Chuck, 68, and Liz, 66, farm 1,000 acres in south-central Manitoba. Their all-grain operation is profitable, but they want out. Their children, two middle-aged daughters, are not interested in farming. That leaves the sale of the farm as the best and only way for the couple to quit the business and […] Read more

Specs and SPACs…

...and “how my idiot son quintupled his money in two months” (his words)

“But the most absurd and preposterous of all, and which showed more completely than any other, the utter madness of the people, was one, started by an unknown adventurer entitled ‘Company for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is.'” The above quote is by Charles Mackay from a […] Read more

Generational transfer and the task of being fair to the other children is complex.

How to keep the farm together, a complex generational transfer

Farm Financial Planner: Parents devise a plan for middle-aged children to keep the farm whole

A couple we’ll call Max, 75, and his wife, Betty, 70, farm 1,000 acres in western Manitoba. They have three children who are 40, 48 and 45 years old. The eldest and youngest have city jobs and no wish to farm. The middle son, who we’ll call Brian, will take over the farm. The issue […] Read more

Free money … what’s not to love?

Free money … what’s not to love?

Investing for Fun and Profit: Leading to my 2021 market predictions

The essence of market economies is that millions of individuals making profit-oriented decisions, for the benefit of themselves, their families and communities, will allocate resources significantly more efficiently than government bureaucrats making the same decisions on behalf of millions of individuals. One of the key reasons is everyone’s circumstances are different and can therefore make […] Read more

Financial issues consistently cause the most stress for Canadians, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

A step-by-step guide to get control of your farm finances

Understand the 4E money strategy and the nine key drivers that affect financial wellness

According to surveys completed by FP Canada in 2014, 2018 and 2020, one factor consistently causes the most stress for the most Canadians. As you can probably guess, that factor is money, outranking other top stress factors like personal health, work and relationships by wide margins. Why it matters: The most important financial decisions are […] Read more

The dangers of cheap money

The dangers of cheap money

Interest rates at historical lows could pose future problems for farmers

For farmers burdened with heavy debts, historically low interest rates can seem to be salvation. Lower payments for equipment, for land loans, for bills past due — it’s life support for financially squeezed farms and, for that matter, for most other kinds of business other than banks and other lenders, which can’t get much profit […] Read more

Why is simple so difficult?

Why is simple so difficult?

Following a consistent approach helps to simplify

In my former corporate life, I frequently lamented needless complexity with the refrain, “They have a never-ending ability to turn simple stuff into rocket science.” At one point, a CEO made the infamous statement that “complexity is our friend,” releasing a torrent of complexity from minions aiming to please. It is my belief that complexity […] Read more

The difference between an investment and a speculation

Speculations are often described as investments because that word has a more positive connotation

Differentiating between investments and speculations is more nuanced than distinguishing investments from expenses. Speculations are often inappropriately referred to as investments with the main similarity being both are purchased with the intent of profiting. The allure of speculations is their potential for quick and dramatic profit, but quick and dramatic losses are more probable. Let’s […] Read more