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Copper deficiency can hide in your herd

Copper deficiency can hide in your herd

Before the 1980s, copper deficiencies were a real problem for just about anybody raising cattle from Western Canada to Cape Canaveral. Extensive copper research in beef cattle undertaken by Canadian and a host of international universities and governments, followed up by practical copper supplementation programs used by many producers has made severe copper deficiencies on […] Read more

cattle on a pasture

Proper mineral supplement can prevent grass tetany

Follow these management tips to help protect against deficiencies

Many parts of western Canada suffered through one of its longest and coldest winters in decades. It’s anybody’s guess that arctic temperatures and belly-high snows predispose beef cows to grass tetany when green lush grass sprout across pastures. However, proper nutrient supplementation to the cows’ early spring diet eliminates risk of this highly preventable magnesium-deficiency […] Read more

Trace minerals key to healthy calf-cow rebreeding

Better bunks and pastures

The last trimester is a very critical time for the average beef cow and her unborn calf. Her unborn calf gains about three-quarters of its birth weight during this period, dramatically increasing all her primary nutrient requirements. While feeding better-quality forages together with a few more pounds of grain and protein supplement tend to cover […] Read more