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Mental health is a farm safety issue

Farming is stressful, for farmers and their families. Make mental health a priority

Farmers had to be tough or we wouldn’t have started farming the Prairies. This toughness is mental as well as physical. It is also lonely. And with 60 per cent of us experiencing anxiety, 36 per cent suffering from depression and over 45 per cent living with high stress it is a farm safety issue […] Read more

I want to take steps now to make sure my husband stays healthy — both physically and mentally.

I worry about my farmer’s stress

Nurse Loves Farmer: Measures need to be taken to preserve health and decrease stress levels on the farm

In the fall of 2006 when I was still dating my farmer, I’ll never forget the day we were lounging in his basement bedroom listening to music in the house he rented from in Edmonton. This house was a mere three-block stroll to the University of Alberta, where he was finishing up his crop sciences […] Read more

Mental health on the farm: understanding stress

According to a 2005 report, almost two-thirds of Canadian farmers are feeling stressed on their farms. One in five farmers describe themselves as being “very stressed” while almost half (45 per cent) describe themselves as being “somewhat stressed.” Stress is all around us. Understanding it and managing it are essential in having healthy minds and […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: The post-trauma trauma in rural areas

Dealing with PTSD is more difficult in rural areas. Here’s what you need to know

A few years ago we were moving cows to a different summer pasture. It was an easy job, more of an excuse to go riding than anything. I’ve forgotten most of the details of that day. But one moment was memorable. The cows had to walk through a little draw to get to the gate. […] Read more

Lower prices can bring lower moods

Farmers are resilient, but depression on the farm is no laughing matter

Instead of blaming arthritis for your aching joints, you may want to point your finger at the economy, according to researchers. “Overall, our findings reveal that it physically hurts to be economically insecure,” Dr. Eileen Chou said in a press release. Chou, a University of Virginia professor, led a team looking at links between economic insecurity and physical pain. The research, […] Read more

Coping with stress

Whether it’s from calving season or exam time — here’s some tips

If there is one word that can strike terror into the hearts of people it is exams. Like any other stressful event in life, if a person takes some time for preparation they really aren’t all that bad. It is a matter of being able to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenge of the […] Read more