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Pre-season contracts and changed plans

If you’ve changed seeding plans due to spring weather, check your contract obligations

So far, 2018 is setting up to be a year of extremes and challenges. There’s been record snow pack in the mountains and a drawn-out winter with excessive snow across the Prairies. Overland flooding across wide areas of the Prairies came during one of the latest springs in years. On April 21, I was in […] Read more

Review pre-signed contracts after seeding

Once your crop is in the ground, revise your marketing plan to suit 2017 conditions

Last spring I wrote about the dry spring weather and how to set up a marketing plan that would work for your farm regardless of what the weather did for the rest of the year. Now I’ll continue with that theme but with somewhat of a twist. It’s certainly not dry like it was last […] Read more

From good planning comes review

The crop is in the ground. Now it’s time to put your marketing plan under review

These were my final comments in my last column: “As a primary producer you are fully exposed to these market swings and fluctuations so you need to be prepared to react when they happen to protect your bottom line. Have a marketing and pricing plan in place that incorporates ways of protecting yourself when futures […] Read more