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Vigour tests recommended for wheat and barley

Last fall’s harvest may have left some wheat and barley seed less than ideal

Poor harvest conditions can create poor seed quality, and in some cases affect germination and vigour. As a result of last year’s harvest conditions, seed analysts are seeing a wide gap between germination and vigour in Western Canadian wheat and barley seed. Analysts are urging growers to test seed so that they can take action, […] Read more

The three provincial wheat commissions have signed an MOU, agreeing to conintue support for Cigi. The three organizations will collaborate, and co-ordinate regional research efforts.

The brave new world of Prairie wheat

A look at the research funding and marketing development behind this rotation staple

Wheat is a staple crop in most Prairie farmers’ rotations, and it’s not likely to be displaced any time soon. It’s still one of Canada’s most important crops, and contributes more than $11 billion to the Canadian economy every year. Although wheat prices may not always get farmers excited, the potential for the crop does, […] Read more

When a seed sprouts in the field, starches, which ultimately become bread or pasta, convert to sugars, which make end products, like bread or pasta too sticky.

Genes can control pre-harvest sprouting

Manitoba researchers are using new technology to solve an old problem

Pre-harvest sprouting of cereal seeds in the field is directly linked to the seed’s dormancy level. Plants produce different compounds that regulate physiological processes, including seed germination and dormancy. When seeds are dormant, even if they have adequate moisture, heat and oxygen, they simply won’t germinate. One of the factors which prevents seeds from germinating […] Read more

Prairie wheat growers wanted for gluten strength study

What's in it for you? Valuable data about your wheat, and potentially help boost returns for the whole class

Scientists investigating the effect weather, agronomics and genotype have on milling wheat quality are appealing to farmers across the Prairies to participate in their study. The goal is to improve the quantity, quality and consistency of Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat and in so doing increase returns to farmers. In return participating farmers will […] Read more

Producer group promotes barley

MWBGA is putting its research dollars into fusarium head blight resistance

The Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) says it is committed to research and market development of wheat and barley in the province, including one project focused on genomic selection for improving two-row malting barley. Officially established on January 1, 2014, MWBGA is funded by Manitoba farmers through a checkoff on wheat and barley. […] Read more

The new wheat lobby

I’ve been using this space to write about the farm organizations we’re funding. In this issue: wheat. I’ve already written about the Western Grains Research Foundation, which uses a checkoff of $0.30 per tonne on wheat to fund wheat research. But there are also six new wheat-related groups that have sprung up across the Prairies […] Read more