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A view from above of a display floor at Manitoba Ag Days.

Toban Dyck: Finding your way at the farm show

With things to see and people to meet, there’s a lot to do at a farm show

Focus is a difficult phenomenon. There are too many things actively competing for our attention. I was at Ag Days in Brandon, Man., in January. I sat at the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers booth and I also took some time to walk around the trade show. Climbing on new machinery used to be my […] Read more

VIDEO: Kirovets K-744 tractor turns heads

VIDEO: Kirovets K-744 tractor turns heads

Less-complicated tech approach aims to offer more value

Amongst the many machinery offerings on display at Manitoba Ag Days last month, the MTZ-Kirovets K-744, a Mercedes-Benz powered, 435 hp tractor seemed to get its fair share of attention from attendees. In this video, Arie Prilik, vice president of MTZ Equipment, takes Grainews machinery editor Scott Garvey on a walk-around of the K-744 to […] Read more

Moving from “just new here” to “experienced”

Moving ahead on the learning curve requires you to make a mental switch

Eventually, I will get it. Eventually, I will understand farming and agriculture. I don’t know when, though. And when I retreat inside my own brain to take stock what I do in fact know, the process gets interrupted by questions such as, what does it really mean to know or learn anything? The first time […] Read more

VIDEO: A 3D view of the grain inside your bin to help prevent spoilage

VIDEO: A 3D view of the grain inside your bin to help prevent spoilage

Inventors' Showcase entrant at Manitoba Ag Days showcased serious technology to help spot spoilage before it occurs

Have you ever been sitting at home wondering what’s going on with the moisture content inside your grain bin? Well, wonder no more. Using spectral imaging technology – similar to that of an MRI or CT scan – GrainViz creates a 3D moisture map of the grain inside your bin that you can view via […] Read more

VIDEO: Full Bin Alarm wins Farm Safety Feature at Manitoba Ag Days

VIDEO: Full Bin Alarm wins Farm Safety Feature at Manitoba Ag Days

Invention lets producers on the ground know when their bin is full

Sound the alarm! You no longer need to climb to the top of your grain bin to find out when it’s full. That’s the idea behind Never Spill Spout’s Full Bin Alarm, the Farm Safety product winner at this year’s Manitoba Ag Days. The system uses a sensor inside of an auger spout to alert […] Read more

Tom Wolf speaking at Manitoba Ag Days.

Industry expert says we’re in a cycle

Tom Wolf offered some observations of today’s sprayers and practices during a presentation

During his public presentation at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon in January, sprayer expert Tom Wolf, who is part of Agrimetrix Research & Training in Saskatchewan, provided a professional critique of today’s commercially available spraying equipment and on-farm practices. He told the audience about an early, low-cost sprayer his family put together on their farm […] Read more

The PhiBer Dash system allows operators to pre-meter chemicals to match exact tank mix recipes then easily feed them into the sprayer fill line.

PhiBer Dash shortens tank mix times

Manitoba Ag Days: Born as an on-farm design, it aims to make tank mixing sprayer loads simpler

It’s a concept that came out of a desire to shorten their own on-farm sprayer fill times, explained Phil Friesen, owner of Crystal City, Manitoba-based PhiBer Manufacturing and farmer. He described the idea behind the creation of the PhiBer Dash tank mixing system as he stood beside it during the Manitoba Ag Days show in […] Read more

Demonstrating the instant sensor readout, Jason Diehl of Dimos Labtronics placed his hand over the 
probe sensor and the readout on the cell phone in his other hand changed almost instantly.

Bin probe provides instant temperature reading

The Dimos Labtronics bin 
probe transmits Wi-Fi signal

Keeping tabs on the temperature of stored grain is critical to ensuring producers don’t lose money from spoilage. Increasing internal bin temperature readings are an indication stored grain is at risk. Jason Diehl of Dimos Labtronics was showing his company’s Wi-Fi grain probe at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon. It’s designed to provide an easy […] Read more

Wilde Ag Ventures has introduced a pressure gauge with a special face calibrated to easily provide air flow readings for aeration bins.

Specialty gauge for aeration bins

Special gauge face allows for easy airflow readings at a glance

A few people using aeration bins may be content just to confirm some airflow is coming out the top, but getting an adequate volume of air moving through the grain is critical to ensure efficient drying. Determining how many cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) is actually moving through any bin, though, depends on […] Read more