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Fear of feed expected to keep malt barley acres low

CNS Canada — Concerns about weather dictating the quality of malt barley is keeping producers from seeding the crop this year, one industry participant says, while weak prices offer no extra incentive. “Acres are definitely going to be down, because of the fear of getting feed barley, which is horrendously low-priced,” said Rod Green of […] Read more

AC Metcalfe is one of the most popular malt barley varieties.

Tips for hitting malt barley grade

It’s pretty hard to argue with the experience of growers as well as researchers

Tom Hewson admits while there is always room for improving agronomic practices, his track record for producing malt barley has been quite respectable. Hewson, who farms with family members at Langbank, in southeast Saskatchewan, says he has grown malting barley for many years. “I estimate on average about two-thirds of the years, about two-thirds of […] Read more

There was not much doubt about the performance of fall-applied anhydrous. This photo was taken on June 22.

Diary of a Les Henry barley crop

This 82 bu/ac malt barley crop near Dundurn, Sask., made malt. Hurrah!

This is the story of a barley crop on my farm near Dundurn this summer. August 30-31, 2015: Combined a 40 bushel/acre canola crop. September 20, 2015 Applied 1 litre/acre Glyphosate plus 2,4-D ester to get volunteer canola. September 24, 2015 Soil samples taken: Depths zero to six inches; six to 16 inches. Sixteen inches […] Read more