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Flea beetle damage on a canola leaf.

Insect economic thresholds: what do they mean?

Q & A with CPS

Q: What do insect economic thresholds mean? A: Insects can eat into your profits. They can appear at any time during the growing season and can cause damage that is patchy, scattered and difficult to gauge. Accurate estimation of both pest population and potential crop damage levels can only be obtained by thorough field scouting. […] Read more

Lygus bug: Profile of a crop pest

The lygus bug is an interesting pest. Native to Canada, adult insects overwinter under plant debris and migrate into crops, including canola, alfalfa, soybeans and sunflowers. Arriving in spring and summer, they lay their eggs on crop stems. Lygus is a complex that refers to four species: L. elisus (pale legume bug), L. lineolaris (tarnished […] Read more

Lygus bugs: know when to spray them

Researchers are revisiting economic threshold recommendations on spraying these bugs

[UPDATED: Jan. 31, 2018] Economic thresholds are developed and publicized so farmers will know when it makes sense to spray for a particular pest. For example, the economic threshold might be that if you have two bugs in your sweep net, the yield you gain will make it worth your costs and time to spray […] Read more

Lower loonie to boost U.S. demand for sunflowers

CNS Canada — Manitoba sunflowers are looking better than they have in recent years, despite minor pest pressure, in one agronomist’s view — and a lower Canadian dollar could be useful for producers looking to sell. Sunflower prices aren’t seeing a lot of movement right now, but demand is good — and with a lower […] Read more

They key is to seed early so that beans mature before the lygus bugs can cause damage.

Watch for lygus bug damage on faba beans

The insects leave a black spot which is discounted by export customers

Central Alberta farmers planning to sell low-tannin faba beans for export will need to beware of lower tolerance levels for lygus bug damage. Snowbird is a low-tannin variety of faba beans commonly sold into the human market overseas. Parkland Alberta Commodities, a grain buyer based in Innisfail, Alberta, set the tolerance level for lygus bug-damaged […] Read more

Recently, high lygus bug populations have been reported in some fields.

How to find lygus bugs

Lygus bugs can cause extensive crop damage. Scout for them in your canola crops

In recent years, high populations of lygus bugs have been reported in a large portion of Alberta, as well as in some fields in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. While lygus bugs are always present in canola fields, outbreaks of high populations can cause extensive crop damage. For the most part, canola can compensate for much of […] Read more