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Are your wishes in writing?

How to write a will with joy

Yes it is possible and here’s some tips on how to do it

Today I have encountered three acquaintances who are all dealing with different kinds of loss. One a husband whose wife is suffering from a stroke. One a woman whose nephew is suffering from a mental illness. One who has just buried her mother a few short weeks ago, and is thankful that she got to […] Read more

A dozen things about divorce

Here’s a friend’s observations about her own divorce journey

Speaking to my tribe of farm advisers I mentioned that I was walking alongside four friends navigating the process of divorce, and a colleague in my audience said, “Elaine, make that five friends… ugh!” My best friend from Grade 8 offers these observations about her divorce journey, with her permission of course! Both partners need […] Read more

The firewall word picture fits our computer’s security, but I wonder if the approach of building a wall of protection around your farm is a good analogy?

Why create a ‘firewall’ against divorce?

First of all you need to recognize who and what you want to keep out

His face was weathered and worn as he approached me with wrinkled brows. “You talked about the fear of spousal breakup,” and I’m curious, how do I create a firewall to protect my farm?” (Note: he said “my farm,” not OUR farm). The firewall word picture fits our computer’s security, but I wonder if the […] Read more

Communicate better with your farm lawyer

Lawyers have lots of experience and wisdom but they can’t read minds

Lawyers are the brunt of many jokes, but if you want to have a great succession outcome you better have a great communication plan with your farm’s lawyer! Ontario lawyer Sarah Jacob shared her experiences at a CAFA (Canadian Association of Farm Advisors) update. Would you like to save time and money in front of your […] Read more