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Farm it like you’re ‘just’ renting it?

Farm it like you’re ‘just’ renting it?

Do farmers look after rented farmland differently than land they own? Should they?

We’ve all heard the term “drive it like a rental” but could that also apply to farmland? Is a farmer more likely to use conservation practices like no-till or variable rate technology, or apply more fertilizer and/or manure to improve the fertility on land he or she owns than on rented land? In April 2013, […] Read more

The kindness of others is often a factor in transactions like land rental.

Renting land: Sometimes it all works out for the best

Sometimes renting, farmland or houses, works just the way we’d like it to

My wife and I rented the upstairs of a brownstone house on Palmerston Avenue in Toronto. It was small. It was expensive. But it was an experience we won’t forget. Our landlords were Portuguese. They were elderly. They drove a mid-’80s Mercedes diesel car, tan colour. And they were generous. So generous. When they made […] Read more

What’s affecting land rental rates

What’s affecting land rental rates

The farmland rental market can respond to a lot of different market factors

When the value of land goes up it tends to affect land rental prices too, but it’s not the only factor that has seen land rents increase over the past few years — in some areas quite dramatically. Productivity of the land is also hugely important, as is the amount of competition for land in […] Read more

Canola farmlands in rural Central West of NSW at sunset, the last rays spread their warm light on the golden canola flowers. Panorama

Calculating land rental costs

Renting might be the right choice for your farm. But how much should you pay?

Calculating how much you can afford to pay for rented land takes a certain amount of work, and there may even be some cost involved if you bring in advisors to help, but it may help mitigate some of your risk and prevent you from biting off more than you can chew. There are various […] Read more

Six tips to successful land rental

Six tips to successful land rental

This title to the old Russian folk tale by Leo Tolstoy hasn’t lost any of its significance.* It’s a question farmers ponder today, as land and land rent prices continue to rise to levels never seen before. Despite lower commodity prices, the cost of land is still rising dramatically in the Westlock, Alta. area (about […] Read more

A man and woman at trade show booth.

Looking for land

If you’re a farmer looking to rent land or a landowner looking for a renter, there are two good online options

Sometimes farmers who want to rent land and landowners looing for good renters have trouble finding each other. Maybe the landowner inherited land, in a place she never lived. Maybe investors bought land in an area where they don’t know any local farmers. Often farmers who would like to rent more land don’t even find […] Read more