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Grain World: Farm consolidation key to increasing yields

Saskatoon | MarketsFarm — Consolidating farms — going from numerous small operations to fewer, but much larger, farms — is central to improving crop yields, according to grain industry observers Neil Townsend and Jason Newton. Townsend is the chief market analyst for FarmLink Marketing Solutions, while Newton is the chief economist and head of marketing […] Read more

Report shows slower pace for rising farmland values

While lower-valued farmland more often showed a higher rate of increase, and price hikes varied from region to region, Canada’s farmland values on average have booked their slowest year-over-year rate of increase in almost a decade. That’s according to the annual Farmland Values Report from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), in which the federal ag lending […] Read more

The kindness of others is often a factor in transactions like land rental.

Renting land: Sometimes it all works out for the best

Sometimes renting, farmland or houses, works just the way we’d like it to

My wife and I rented the upstairs of a brownstone house on Palmerston Avenue in Toronto. It was small. It was expensive. But it was an experience we won’t forget. Our landlords were Portuguese. They were elderly. They drove a mid-’80s Mercedes diesel car, tan colour. And they were generous. So generous. When they made […] Read more

High land prices hurt new farmers

Price increases may be slowing, but it’s a tough time for farmers to buy land

Western Canadian farmland has never been more expensive. According to J.P. Gervais, the chief economist for Farm Credit Canada (FCC), which provides data at the national level for Statistics Canada, farmland values continued to increase throughout 2014. “In a few months the report will be released, but we know that farmland values have continued to increase throughout […] Read more