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Kinze’s 24-row 4905 True Speed planter is shown above. The True Speed system allows corn and soybean farmers to plant at speeds up to 12 miles per hour without compromising singulation or seed spacing.

Kinze offers two high-speed planters for 2021 growing season

No compromises on seed singulation and placement with high speeds

Kinze Manufacturing will be releasing two high-speed planter models in time for the 2021 planting season — the 24-row 4905 True Speed planter and, because it is ready ahead of schedule, a 16-row configuration as well. “The 16-row configuration was originally planned for 2022, but testing went so well, we’re pleased that we are able […] Read more

Kinze introduces the 4700 planter

Kinze introduces the 4700 planter

Narrow 20-inch 
row version debuts

In February Kinze introduced its 4700 planter, which is a newly designed model offering a narrow 20-inch row spacing. It uses a three-section frame capable of 15 degrees of up and down flexing to maintain ground contact. The 4700 uses the brand’s Blue Vintage display and Blue Drive electric drive system along with True Depth […] Read more

Kinze planter system

Kinze’s Multi-Hybrid planter switches between two hybrid seed types

Farmers can now order a model 4990 Multi-Hybrid planter

This spring the first commercially produced Kinze model 4900 Multi-Hybrid planters will hit North American farm fields. The company announced last August that a limited number of planters with the ability to switch back and forth between two hybrid seed types would be available for the 2015 season. And a company rep says the firm […] Read more

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Kinze adds meter electric-drive to its 3660 planters

12- and 16-row model 3660 planters coming soon with electric meter drives

Getting accurate seed spacing is particularly important for corn crops, according to agronomists. But several components in a planter’s mechanical drive system, such as worn or rusty drive chains, can potentially cause problems with spacing accuracy. The trend today among many manufacturers is to offer electric drive systems as an option to eliminate that problem. […] Read more

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Kinze’s multi-hybrid concept planter

This machine can alternate between two different seed hybrids based on information from prescription maps

Kinze has announced it is working on a prototype planter that will allow producers to load two different seed hybrids and switch back and forth between them while on the go. When making a field pass, the planter’s controller uses information from a prescription map to select and meter out the appropriate hybrid seeds where […] Read more

tractor and grain cart in a field

Kinze develops its Autonomous Tractor Project

The driverless grain cart tractor concept takes another step closer to commercialization

In 2011 Kinze, a company best known for building planters and grain carts, surprised many industry observers by announcing it had taken a plunge into the high-tech world of robotics with its Autonomous Tractor Project. It partnered with Jaybridge Robotics of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to develop an automated system to control tractors that pull grain carts […] Read more