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Fuel Lock systems allow farmers to more easily secure on-farm storage tanks.

Fuel Lock: a keyless security system

Two versions designed to accommodate both large and small operations

Nearly every farmer has had fuel go missing from farm storage tanks at some point in time over the years. And with recent high-profile incidents surrounding farm security on the prairie, now is a good time to think about keeping all that expensive fuel right where it belongs. A new invention on display at the […] Read more

There’s almost 300 pounds of agricultural plastic film in one grain bag. The Brown brothers knew they needed a sturdy roller that could stand up to the work of rolling them, so they took the problem out to their shop. To make their roller work, they incorporated a tying mechanism using baler twine so the operation to roll and tie the used bags was completed in one operation.

Made-in-Sask. grain bag roller

Grain bags are a great affordable, temporary solution to your grain storage problems. Until it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s a new solution

Grain bags have increased in popularity over the last few years. Grain bags are a relatively inexpensive temporary storage option that offer a number of benefits. One downside, however, is what to do with the bag once it is unloaded. There’s almost 300 pound of agricultural plastic film in one bag. Add to that some […] Read more