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The Omnis FT Tillage Tool is ideal for breaking up compaction and providing consistent soil tilth in conditions where residue has already been properly sized and distributed by the combine.

Horsch introduces the Omnis FT Tillage Tool

New tool offers uniform water infiltration, soil warming and residue and soil blending

Horsch has announced an expansion of its North American primary tillage line with the launch of the all-new Omnis FT Tillage Tool. Engineered and built at the company’s Mapleton, N.D., facility, the new concept in primary tillage incorporates innovations pioneered by Horsch — a global manufacturer of seeding, planting, tillage and application equipment — both […] Read more

The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer’s Boom Pro Plus controlling system allows five boom sections to move independently.

Horsch rolls out self-propelled sprayer

Horsch’s Leeb SP 6300 brings some new features to the Prairie sprayer market

The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer is a whole different platform and concept than we’re used to seeing on the Prairies. “We went for the root issue of the problem and built a sprayer around that,” said Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch. “The focus of this sprayer is to improve spray quality. What […] Read more

Every second row unit can be raised to seed corn and 
soybeans on 30-inch spacings.

Horsch introduces split-row planters

Two new models designed to plant large-seeded crops as well as canola

To say there has been ramped-up interest in planters from Prairie farmers in recent years might be an understatement. That’s because manufacturers have been blending the precision placement ability planters can achieve with features aimed at canola growers. This year Horsch introduced growers to its newest models, the Maestro SW 4715 and 4815, at the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Saskatchewan. […] Read more

Are there cost savings to planting canola?

As Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch Equipment, travels the country, he says he’s noticed a lot of variable maturity in canola crop fields across the Prairies. “What we see today are some very inconsistent fields,” he says. “It comes back to uniformity and consistency, seed placement, depth and control.” And all of that begins […] Read more

Will the planter become the implement of choice for canola growers as average yields increase?

Will today’s seeding equipment work in a higher-yield future?

Can air drills still deliver efficiency with 80-bushel canola yields?

When Jeremy Hughes, product manager for seeding and planting implement manufacturer Horsch, makes the rounds to customer events, one of the questions he puts to attendees is this: can the air drill of today still be the implement of choice when farmers expect to grow 80-bushel-per acre canola? “It takes 2.5 to 3.5 pounds of […] Read more

New Joker RT models from Horsch

Horsch adds two new high-speed discs to its existing implement line

Horsch has added two new models to its line of Joker RT high-speed discs: the RT18 and RT22. The RT18 has an 18-foot, four-inch working width, and the RT22 has a 21-foot, eight-inch working width. Both models use a drawbar hitch and three-section configuration to follow ground contours. The RT18 and RT22 have 20-inch blades […] Read more

Horsch’s new Agro Innovation Center is located at Downs, Illinois.

Horsch opens North American research centre

The equipment brand aims to look at all areas of crop production technology

The German tillage and seeding equipment brand Horsch has had a presence that includes manufacturing facilities in North America for some time. And now it’s opening a crop production research centre, adding to the list of other such facilities it operates around the world. The new Agro Innovation Center is located at Downs, Illinois, and […] Read more

Horsch introduces the Joker RT40

A new offering in the brand’s the tillage tool line

Horsch announced it has added the RT40 version to its Joker tillage implement line. The RT40 offers a 40-foot working width. It uses a five-fold frame design to improve contouring ability and allows it to fold up to less than 16 feet wide for road transport. To leave a finished field surface, RT40 models will […] Read more

Horsch Maestro planters will be available in 40- and 60-foot versions 
in 2016.

Horsch offers 2nd Maestro toolbar

The brand adds a smaller 40-foot version along with software updates for 2016

Horsch has been selling its 60-foot Maestro planter for a while now. However, the company says it noticed there was significant demand from producers for a smaller version. So, this fall it introduced a second Maestro with a 40-foot working width. “When we introduced the planter, we introduced it with a 60-foot toolbar, a 24-row, […] Read more