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Applying fungicide from the air

If an aerial applicator is applying your fungicide, consider timing and water volume

Dr. Tom Wolf, researcher and owner of Agrimetrix Research and Training, says aerial applicators are “tremendously important.” “They apply spray under conditions that a ground rig can’t — for example, with soil moisture. They cover much more area than a ground rig ever can so they can be more timely. ”Jill Lane, executive director of […] Read more

Access Helicopters rises to the challenge

In Lee Hart’s Farmer Panel in the May 21 issue of Grainews, Saskatchewan farmer Jeff Prosko mentioned he’d be using a helicopter for fungicide applications this year. Everyone at Grainews was curious about the helicopters, so we decided to find out more. Prosko is also president of ProSoils, a family-owned ag retailer based out of […] Read more