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John Deere's X9 combine and C16F folding corn head can harvest up to 7,200 bushels per hour of high-yielding corn, the company says.

John Deere announces new high-capacity X series combines

The X9 combines increase threshing capacity in all crop conditions while using less fuel

Two new models of John Deere combines will be rolling off the production line for the 2021 harvest season. The X9 1000 and X9 1100 combines were engineered to offer broadacre farmers greater efficiency, especially when threshing in dense crops like canola and tough wheat. The X9 1100 boasts it can harvest up to 30 […] Read more

CBOT December 2018 corn with 50-day moving average. (Barchart)

U.S. grains: Corn hits seven-week high on USDA’s surprise yield cut

Chicago | Reuters — U.S. corn futures jumped more than 1 percent to a seven-week high on Thursday after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) unexpectedly cut its yield forecast for the 2018 crop, leaving stocks of the grain lower than anticipated. Soybean futures followed corn higher, reversing earlier losses as the government’s harvest outlook […] Read more

Stripper headers have a rearward-rotating rotor fitted in front of the header.

Stripper headers an alternative for dry regions

Headers offer improved combine performance and soil moisture retention

While there are many options when it comes time to harvest a crop, for some farmers, stripper headers are the only choice. Designed with rotating teeth that lift grain into the combine and leave straw in the field, stripper headers are perfect for harvesting cereals, grass seed and rice, according to Adam Whitaker, product specialist at the U.K.-based […] Read more

Hofer encourages farmers to drive
over this drop pan — they won’t be damaged.

Combine loss drop pan

This homemade grain catcher helps farmer fine-tune combine settings

When David Hofer’s equipment stopped meeting his needs, he did something farmers have done for millennia: he jerry-rigged something that works better. In this case, it’s a combine loss drop pan made of nylon tarp and fiberglass rods that can be thrown directly under combine wheels without bending or breaking. Hofer farms around 10,000 acres […] Read more

Sask. harvest 94 per cent complete, remaining crops see some damage

Saskatchewan Crop Report for the week ending October 9

Thanks to some relatively warm and dry weather, many producers wrapped up harvest this past week. Ninety-four per cent of the crop is now in the bin, up from 89 per cent last week. Harvest progress remains ahead of the five-year (2012-2016) average of 90 per cent for this time of year. Most producers with […] Read more

Get set for soybean harvest

Get set for soybean harvest

Agronomy tips... from the field

Now’s the time to make sure you’re completely set for a successful soybean harvest. Generally speaking, this year’s crop will be at about the same stage in maturity as last year. The main difference is going to come from the overall plant structure. Last year’s moist, warmer conditions gave us more growth and pod height, […] Read more

(Dave Bedard photo)

Hourly employees in agriculture among lowest paid

CNS Canada –– Hourly-wage employees in agriculture and related production were among the lowest earners nationally, according to data from Statistics Canada. The agency on Thursday released data on wages paid to payroll employees in 2016. It reported the average hourly wage paid to full-time employees, excluding overtime pay, tips, incentives and performance pay arrangements, […] Read more

Tracy and Myles Pawliw talk logistics as they finish combining the last of their 2016 crop near Glaslyn, Sask.

Spring harvests in effect, but “don’t get stuck”

Lisa Guenther visits a Glaslyn-area farm working to harvest last year's wheat

On a mild spring afternoon, with clouds overhead bluffing rain, the Pawliw family was harvesting the last of the 2016 crop. “We had about 100 acres of canola we took off earlier,” said Tracy Pawliw, as he took a brief break from combining a field of hard red spring wheat near Glaslyn, Sask. Glaslyn is […] Read more

Sask. farmers make slow headway due to poor weather

Saskatchewan Crop Report for the week ending May 1, 2017

Saskatchewan farmers are slowly making their way into the field. Adverse weather has delayed spring field work, such as applying herbicide, harrowing and seeding, in some areas.  Many fields remain wet. Warm and dry weather will be needed in the coming weeks before seeding can get fully under way. The majority of producers with crop […] Read more

Where possible, neighbours helping neighbours finish harvest 2016

Saskatchewan Crop Report for the week ending November 21 (Final)

Despite many challenges this fall, Saskatchewan producers now have 95 per cent of the crop combined. Harvest continues in many parts of the province as weather and field conditions permit. Producers are hopeful that much of the remaining crop will be taken off prior to winter, although there are indications that some crop will likely […] Read more