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Slow moving vechicle — SMV — on the road. Notice the triangular sign on the back left.

Move harvest equipment safely

Every harvest, collisions between farm equipment and passenger vehicles result in expensive repairs, injuries and sadly even deaths. However, by taking time to discuss how to safely transport agricultural equipment, farmers and equipment operators can minimize the risk of a collision. Glen Blahey is a Health and Safety Specialist with CASA. “There are three common […] Read more

Love is learning how to say ‘sorry’ at harvest

Love is learning how to say ‘sorry’ at harvest

Stress is high at harvest time so knowing how to apologize is important

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have real-life examples of how I make mistakes, but my mishaps make good fodder for this column. Last harvest I was the combine driver who backed into the fuel truck while I was unloading my auger for cleanout to move to the next field. I have a bad habit of […] Read more

Man sitting beside red tractor and combine.

The beauty of the harvest

Finally, “next year” came for Prairie farmers in the form of a fantastic harvest

The 2013 crop was “next year” for the majority of Canadian Prairie farmers. Almost all farmers reported pleasant surprises when the combines started to roll. Saskatchewan alone produced 38.8 million tonnes of products that go through a grain auger — exceeding the government target for 2020 of 36.6 million tonnes. Bureaucrats like to pretend they […] Read more

Harvest widows

The editor's column

In the December issue of Grainews we ran a story by freelance writer Marianne Stamm about “harvest widows” — women coping with the strain of having their husbands out of the house for long hours, day after day during the harvest season. When Marianne submitted this story, I was excited. Everything in the article rang […] Read more