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The completed storage box.

How to build a custom toolbox, Part 2

It’s time to build the box portion and finish off this custom toolbox project

In the last article we took the hood from a 1960 Ford truck and used it as the basis for a completely customized workshop toolbox. Now with all the fabrication work done on the hood, which will be the box lid, we know the required build dimensions the lower box section that will fit to it. […] Read more

This hood salvaged from a 1960 Ford truck will become the lid for a customized workshop toolbox.

How to build a custom tool box, Part 1

We turn an old truck hood into a one-off shop storage box, in the Grainews Garage

The 1960 Ford F-600 truck sitting outside the Grainews Garage with a body that was far too rusty to repair made us wonder what to do with it, so we started looking at what parts we could salvage and what we could do with them. One of the things that was still in good condition […] Read more