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Wheat storage a winner, says analyst

Winnipeg | CNS – As yields grow throughout North America and the physical size of the crop becomes larger, farmers who invest in storage bins now, stand to reap the rewards later. “Guys with space are winning,” said Kurt Ahrens, founder of Grainbot in Omaha, Nebraska. Speaking at the Grain World Conference in Winnipeg, he […] Read more

Bridgeland, a UFA/CHS joint venture, operates this fertilizer plant at the RedTail Business Park south of Sexsmith, Alta. (Video screengrab from

CHS sells stake in Bridgeland input venture to UFA

On the heels of its move to sell its wholly-owned crop input stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan, U.S. ag co-operative CHS is selling its remaining Alberta ag retail asset. Alberta farmer co-op UFA (United Farmers of Alberta) announced Tuesday it’s buying CHS’s interest in the two firms’ joint ag retail venture, Bridgeland Limited Partnership, for […] Read more

aerated grain bins

Safer grain storage with automation?

PAMI tests a new Australian system that controls fans based on outside weather

With more large bins on the farm, safe grain storage has become more important. And keeping grain from heating or spoiling is more complicated than it would seem. “The chance of spoilage really depends on two things. It’s both temperature and moisture,” said Lorne Grieger, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) vice president for Manitoba […] Read more

In the summer, farmers can be so busy that they leave wheat in the bins too long or fail to check it regularly.

Grain in the bin still needs your attention

Once the crop is in the bin, it still needs attention and careful management

Success with wheat crops has much in common with being a good parent: You can do everything else to raise them right, but if you spoil them it’s all for naught. “Wheat needs to be managed in storage or you risk a huge loss of revenue,” said Dr. Joy Agnew, Project Manager — Agricultural Research […] Read more

CASA’s mobile unit will be the first in Canada. It is modelled after 
units already in use in the United States.

“BeGrainSafe” gets off the ground

?Farm Safety: See the Canadian Ag Safety Association’s new mobile demonstration at a show near you

Grain is the life of most farming operations. Grain volumes, storage capacities and handling rates continue to grow in Canada in response to larger yields and a growing world population that requires grain products. Along with this good news, there is some bad news. The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. In 2015 alone, […] Read more

Alberta Ag found grain bag storage to be the most expensive of the options studied. However, it is a good solution for farmers who only need temporary storage.

Grain storage value comparison

An Alberta Ag report crunches the numbers to help you make bin buying decisions

As farms increase in size and average yields increase, farmers are considering adding new storage facilities or replacing older ones. There are a number of different options. Corrugated bins have long been a familiar sight on Prairie farms and represent the tried and true method, according to Ryan Furtas, a research economist with Alberta Agriculture […] Read more

The Loftness XLB10 saves labour when installing new bags.

New grain bag loader from Loftness

The new XLB10 is a new "fully-featured" machine, designed to make the job easier

Last May, Loftness Specialized Equipment introduced its new XLB10 “premium” grain bagger, which, the company claims, makes it easier on operators when it’s time to install bags. A remote-controlled jib crane and trolley system use electric motors to lift bags off the ground and slide them into place on the tunnel. A retractable bag loading apron […] Read more

There are times when storing grain on your farm can be a good marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy for storing grain

Is it worthwhile to store your grain on the farm while you wait for commodity prices to rise?

Storing grain on the farm can be a good marketing strategy because, if managed carefully, it can increase a producer’s profits, but it’s important to have a handle on your storage and opportunity costs to assess if it’s actually going to put money in the bank. The capital costs of storage vary depending on whether […] Read more