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The futures hedge

Farm product prices change because of changes in supply and demand. During the growing season, because of production concerns, attractive pricing opportunities often arise before farmers have grown the crops. Forward pricing to take advantage of those relatively high prices may be done directly by using a deferred delivery contract or, for commodities with a […] Read more

When Are Land Prices Too High?

My father always bought any land for sale along his farm boundaries. We often thought he was crazy to pay so much, but there wasn t a purchase he made that wasn t a smart move seen in hindsight. Most farmers could say the same thing, whether they bought or not. Today s land prices, […] Read more

Integration Key To Family Farm’s Success

When BSE hit the cattle industry in 2003, it left many people wondering what to do with their cattle, especially those animals that were ready for a market that no longer existed. For the Spenst family farm south of Winkler, Man., it forced them to look for non-traditional markets. In 2005, they opened Spenst Brothers […] Read more

Calculating Your Farm’s Rate Of Return

A year ago, for this same Farm Finance issue of Grainews,I wrote an article encouraging grain farmers to update their net worth statement as soon as possible after harvest with current grain inventory, payables, receivables and so on. The idea is to get a clear snapshot of your financial position early and do a few […] Read more

Five Tips For Effective Wheat Marketing

The global demand for wheat is expected to double over the next forty years. As Canadian wheat growers look for ways to grow more with less, they will also be seeking to manage through market volatility by marketing their crop as effectively as possible. Wheat is a crop under economic pressure, globally, according to Norm […] Read more

How To Use Storage As A Marketing Strategy

Deciding how long to store grain depends on grain condition, cash flow needs, storage charges, interest rates, price level, basis levels, your market outlook, and delivery opportunities, just to name a few. Storage is profitable if prices rise enough during the storage period to cover storage and interest costs. The first consideration is storability of […] Read more