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The Bin SumpPRO is a retrofit kit for grain bin sweep systems that improves grain bin safety by preventing plugging.

New product remedies grain bin sump flow issues

Bin SumpPRO defends against grain bin sump plugging, thereby improving bin safety

The new, patent-pending Bin SumpPRO system from Leading Edge Industries of Groton, S.D., remedies grain bin sump flow issues by breaking up clumps that would normally plug the sump. The product breaks up all types of clumps and ice above the floor and cuts and clears material lodged between the top of the floor and […] Read more

Due to the shift to larger bins, a lot of farms don’t have adequate power to have fans big enough to move adequate air, says a Canola Council of Canada expert.

Explore your options for heating and grain drying infrastructure

Experts advise farmers to consider the economics and benefits and to plan ahead, plus tips on airflow and spoilage prevention

Last year’s cold, wet harvest conditions proved a challenging test for many Prairie producers, both during harvest and once grain was in the bin. Even in a good year, effective fan technology is critical to successful storage. Last year, many farmers with heating and drying infrastructure and grain bin monitoring technologies were able to take […] Read more

GSI expands Z Series Flexwave grain bin sizes

GSI expands Z Series Flexwave grain bin sizes

Self-cleaning bins now available in 30-foot diameters

Last fall AGCO’s GSI division introduced its Z Series grain bin with a 24-foot diameter base. These bins have the brand’s Flexwave system that uses large liners, which alternately inflate and deflate to gently remove the remaining grain pile left after gravity stops feeding the auger. The company claims Flexwave is capable of cleaning out […] Read more

We marked out a circle on the ground to make sure the first few sheets were set out in the right shape.

Our last minute grain storage solution

Mid-way through this year’s harvest, we set up two 9,600-bushel temporary grain bins

Midway through this year’s harvest, we began to realize that we were likely going to run out of storage space before the terminal called in the canola we had under contract. There wasn’t time to buy a “real” bin and move it in. Since we don’t have a grain bagger, we talked to the neighbours […] Read more

horizontal image of five round steel grain bins sitting in a yellow canola field under a very cloudy sky in the summer

On-farm storage and canola grain quality

Control what you can, and take steps to manage the rest

When it comes to your on-farm storage and maintaining canola grain quality, there are some elements you can control — and others you can’t. One area you can influence is the original condition of the canola seed going into your bins. Swathing at the correct stage or straight-cutting will help minimize many of the quality […] Read more

Venlaw Manufacturing’s portable aeration fan can replace a conventional 10 horsepower electric model.

Venlaw’s new portable aeration fan

This gas-powered portable fan takes aeration to bins without electricity

Many farms that have grown in size over the years often continue to make use of the remote grain storage facilities they acquired with a land purchase. But often those sites were located on other farmyards, where electricity is no longer available. That means aeration bins can no longer be used without the expense of […] Read more

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Safer grain storage with automation?

PAMI tests a new Australian system that controls fans based on outside weather

With more large bins on the farm, safe grain storage has become more important. And keeping grain from heating or spoiling is more complicated than it would seem. “The chance of spoilage really depends on two things. It’s both temperature and moisture,” said Lorne Grieger, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) vice president for Manitoba […] Read more