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The Bin SumpPRO is a retrofit kit for grain bin sweep systems that improves grain bin safety by preventing plugging.

New product remedies grain bin sump flow issues

Bin SumpPRO defends against grain bin sump plugging, thereby improving bin safety

The new, patent-pending Bin SumpPRO system from Leading Edge Industries of Groton, S.D., remedies grain bin sump flow issues by breaking up clumps that would normally plug the sump. The product breaks up all types of clumps and ice above the floor and cuts and clears material lodged between the top of the floor and […] Read more

The size of grain bins has exploded in the last generation and it’s not uncommon to see 30- to 60-foot-high bins. Climbing these high bins without any protection is incredibly dangerous, says Robert Gobeil, an agricultural health and safety specialist with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

Bin fall prevention equipment options and six top safety tips

Safety options include personal fall protection equipment, ladder landings and spiral staircases

Quick poll: have you or anyone you know ever fallen from a grain bin ladder? If you can answer “no” to that question, count yourself very lucky, and you’re likely in the minority of Canadian farmers. “At literally every tradeshow, we talk to a dozen people who have fallen off a grain bin. Pretty much […] Read more

Northern Strands debuted its grain bin safety harness at Ag in Motion in July. An anchor system bolts into the ribs on the bin roof. The harness system also includes a lifeline and a wire rope grab.

Getting safely to the top of those bins

Grain storage: As farmers buy larger grain bins, companies are coming up with safety solutions

As grain bins become larger, climbing to the top grows riskier. Two companies had solutions on display at Ag in Motion north of Saskatoon this summer. Safety concerns spurred the creation of Darmani Grain Storage’s Skylift, a small elevator that bolts to the side of a grain bin. “It’s the whole idea of crawling up […] Read more

Most grain bin entrapment accidents occur due to out-of-condition stored grain.

Bin safety starts with grain quality

Farm Safety: Train yourself and your farm employees to avoid tragic grain bin accidents

Every year we hear tragic stories of deaths associated with grain bin entrapments. Despite continued efforts, the accidents keep happening. While it’s always good practice to remind farm staff of grain bin safety protocols, injuries and deaths could be dramatically reduced simply by eliminating their number one cause: storing out-of-condition grain. “Virtually all entrapment events […] Read more