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A federal ban on plastic bags won’t extend to bags such as these, shown here at a recycling depot, stewardship group Cleanfarms says. (CNW Group/Cleanfarms photo)

Agricultural plastics not part of federal ban

The federal government’s plan to halt Canada’s consumption of single-use plastics such as shopping bags, straws and stir sticks over the next couple of years won’t extend to farm chemical containers and grain bags. Cleanfarms, the national industry stewardship body operating waste management and recycling programs for agricultural packaging, said Thursday that plastic products such […] Read more

Before bags are processed by recyclers, they must be cleaned 
and rolled.

Grain bag recycling in Western Canada

Grain bags can be a great temporary storage solution, if you can deal with the empties

Large plastic grain bags are continuing to grow in popularity across Western Canada. They are convenient, easy to use and can store massive amounts of grain. Many farmers are converting exclusively to using grain bags instead of bins. But as the bags are emptied as grain is moved throughout the winter and spring, the question […] Read more

Get the most from your grain bags

Get the most from your grain bags

Try these three tips to get the most from your grain bag storage this harvest season

Many Western Canadian producers are turning to grain bags either as a backup to bin storage or a logistical solution during the busy harvest season. According to Dave Nelson, senior vice-president of sales for Loftness, there are a host of reasons why producers might want to consider grain bagging. “When all of the bins on […] Read more

Maintaining canola quality in grain bags

Maintaining canola quality in grain bags

Canola acreage is up. Will you need to store some of your harvest in grain bags? Keep the quality high

Researchers from the University of Manitoba have recently published two studies on how canola fares when stored in grain bags for different periods of time. The research was done under Prairie weather conditions, funded by the Canola Council of Canada. Grain bags, sometimes called silo bags, are marketed as temporary storage solutions for farmers who […] Read more

Alberta Ag found grain bag storage to be the most expensive of the options studied. However, it is a good solution for farmers who only need temporary storage.

Grain storage value comparison

An Alberta Ag report crunches the numbers to help you make bin buying decisions

As farms increase in size and average yields increase, farmers are considering adding new storage facilities or replacing older ones. There are a number of different options. Corrugated bins have long been a familiar sight on Prairie farms and represent the tried and true method, according to Ryan Furtas, a research economist with Alberta Agriculture […] Read more

The Loftness XLB10 saves labour when installing new bags.

New grain bag loader from Loftness

The new XLB10 is a new "fully-featured" machine, designed to make the job easier

Last May, Loftness Specialized Equipment introduced its new XLB10 “premium” grain bagger, which, the company claims, makes it easier on operators when it’s time to install bags. A remote-controlled jib crane and trolley system use electric motors to lift bags off the ground and slide them into place on the tunnel. A retractable bag loading apron […] Read more

There’s almost 300 pounds of agricultural plastic film in one grain bag. The Brown brothers knew they needed a sturdy roller that could stand up to the work of rolling them, so they took the problem out to their shop. To make their roller work, they incorporated a tying mechanism using baler twine so the operation to roll and tie the used bags was completed in one operation.

Made-in-Sask. grain bag roller

Grain bags are a great affordable, temporary solution to your grain storage problems. Until it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s a new solution

Grain bags have increased in popularity over the last few years. Grain bags are a relatively inexpensive temporary storage option that offer a number of benefits. One downside, however, is what to do with the bag once it is unloaded. There’s almost 300 pound of agricultural plastic film in one bag. Add to that some […] Read more

3-D fence graphic

Defend against deer with a 3-D fence

When tried and true methods just don’t work, a 3-D fence can keep deer out

With the increasing number of grain bags in the countryside, deer have learned that there is a feast waiting for them in grain bags. Once a bag is opened, other animals join the buffet. Never mind what gets eaten, but storage losses from moisture entering the bags, excreta, downgrading factors and foreign material add up […] Read more

grain bag in a field

Keep wildlife away from grain bags

As grain bags become more popular and are in use for more time, farmers 
are looking for new ways to keep wildlife away from their grain

The amount of grain being stored in bags has increased greatly in recent years. This winter, producers are faced with the task of preventing damage to the 2014 crop still stored in bags. Many producers are asking what the most effective, simplest and economical means of reducing damage are because, as one farmer said, “It’s […] Read more

See the Canadian Grain Commission’s website for safe storage guidelines by crop (at bottom).

Safer grain storage

Whether you’ve got enough storage space this year after last year’s bumper crop or you need temporary solutions, try these four tips

We were probably all expecting a tough harvest, despite hoping for the luxury of good weather and an open fall. Rain, frost and even snow in early September likely mean there will be an even greater need to ensure grain storage management strategies are well in hand. “Just because you are done combining does not […] Read more