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Brandt closes GeoShack deal, locks up Topcon sales in Canada

Tractor company revives Ontario deal

A deal to make Brandt Tractor the exclusive dealer for Topcon geopositioning equipment clear across Canada has been resuscitated. Regina-based Brandt announced Tuesday it has closed its previously-announced deal to buy the assets of GeoShack Canada — two weeks after Dallas-based GeoShack declared that “a mutually beneficial deal… has not been attained.” GeoShack has been […] Read more


Brandt buys GeoShack’s Ontario business

Deal makes equipment firm the exclusive Topcon dealer for Canada

Farm, forestry and construction equipment maker Brandt is about to buy itself a lock on the market for Topcon GPS equipment in Canada. The Regina-based Brandt Group announced Wednesday it has reached a deal to buy the assets of GeoShack Canada Co. and the Canadian assets of Inteq Distributors, both owned by Dallas-based Ultara Holdings. […] Read more

The two ZG-TS fertilizer spreaders from Amazone incorporate a lot of digital technology.

PHOTOS: Amazone spreaders go high-tech

Amazone adds upscale technology to its broadcast spreaders

Amazone’s CEO, Christian Dreyer, told farm journalists that the company intended to focus on integrating sophisticated technology into its implements during a media field day in Germany in September. The brand’s fertilizer spreaders will be no exception. Two updated ZG-TS pull-type spreader models made their debut at that field day. With tank capacities of 212 […] Read more

From an equipment and technology perspective, decide what features are important to you.

Choosing a precision agriculture system

Before you cut the cheque, make sure the system you choose is right for your operation

Depending on which grower you ask, a “precision ag system” can mean anything from GPS-guided autosteer to advanced software that helps them manage just about every aspect of their farm. But with so many new technologies, software platforms, upgrades and equipment providers on the market, what basic principles do growers need to keep in mind […] Read more

Don Neufeld has been using field contouring technology on his southwest Manitoba farm for the 
past couple of years.

New Trimble technology helps manage water

GPS-guided dozer blades can help contour 
fields prone to ponding and flooding

After a widely-felt dry year like 2017, many western Canadian producers aren’t likely concerned about too much moisture, but the fact is not all areas were dry last year. And the reality also is most producers can remember in the not too distant past growing seasons, that standing and ponded water on cropland was a […] Read more

A bridge system from Agra-GPS allows 
Deere GreenStar GPS to function in several non-Deere machines.

Bridging the digital gap

 Agra-GPS “bridge” kit makes Deere GPS compatible with other brands

John Deere currently offers a pretty broad range of digital features for its equipment, and many Prairie growers are familiar with using the brand’s GPS and data management systems. But for those using mixed fleets, transferring the Deere technology to other machines and getting anything near the full range of available features hasn’t always been […] Read more

Bennie Dunhin was named Outstanding Young Agrologist by 
the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists this year.

Putting new ag products to the test

For Bennie Dunhin, agronomy manager at Cavalier Agrow in northwestern Saskatchewan, the question isn’t whether or not a product works. “There’s no new product on the market that doesn’t work somewhere in the world. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a product,” says Dunhin, named Outstanding Young Agrologist by the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists this year. “It […] Read more


Farmers keen early adopters, StatsCan report shows

CNS Canada — Canadian farmers in most sectors are strong proponents of data-driven technology, according to a report Wednesday from Statistics Canada. The latest release from StatsCan’s 2016 Census of Agriculture showed farmers were particularly keen to jump into new technology if it improved the efficiency of their operations or their bottom lines. StatsCan spokesperson […] Read more

A new UAV kit and GPS receiver add to Case IH’s AFS product line for 2017.

More AFS equipment from Case IH

UAV kit and new GPS receiver 
added to Case IH AFS product line

Back in February Case IH ramped up its precision farming offerings with the addition of an unmanned aerial vehicle kit that will be available for purchase later this spring. The brand is partnering with UAV firm DroneDeploy to offer this kit. The DJI Phantom 4 UAV will come with an RGB camera, hard carrying case, […] Read more

Smart Solutions collects all the data on seeding operations, for example — what and when it was seeded, fertility, in-crop treatments all by field and by soil zone.

So much more than just a rain gauge

Farmers Edge weather info 
service connects the dots of 
precision farming data

If you thought GPS and auto steer was a step forward in farming, check out the precision farming package Farmers Edge is launching this spring in Western Canada based around its on-farm, “field-centric,” precision weather data system. The weather station is just part of an overall integrated data collection package called Smart Solution. Weather information […] Read more