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Overhauling the brakes on our Jeep restoration project meant replacing all the steel brake lines. We fabricated replacements in the farm shop.

How to fabricate steel brake lines

Our project Jeep needs a complete brake overhaul, that means 
making our own replacement steel brake lines

The brakes on our ongoing Jeep restoration, Project CJ3A, were a complete disaster. Virtually every part in the system needed replacement, including the steel lines. We could have purchased those lines already preformed, but the cost would have been much higher than buying the basic materials and fabricating our own. So, we spent extra time […] Read more

Scott Garvey pressure washing Jeep frame.

Frame-off restoration, part 1

We kick off a complete vehicle restoration project, starting with a full disassembly and clean up

Here, in the Machinery and Shop section of Grainews, we regularly detail different kinds of equipment repairs, and we’ve even gone as far as taking a step-by-step look at how to give a farm truck a major facelift. But in this new series, we’re going to take that idea a step further. This time we’re […] Read more