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The newest Defender model amps up the capability of the brand's UTV lineup.

Can Am puts six wheels under a Defender

Can Am’s newest Defender HD10 is — wait for it — a 6X6, and it’s much bigger and more powerful than its next largest Defender HD10 brother. Uprated power comes from an 82 horsepower, 976 cc V-twin, liquid-cooled Rotax engine, the biggest so far in that model line. And the new Defender gets a 3,000-pound (1,360-kilogram) tow rating. There are two colour choices for […] Read more

How it works: the differential

We look at the basic operating principle behind differential axle drives

Getting engine power to the ground in a vehicle or farm machine usually means routing torque from the engine flywheel through the transmission, then turning it 90 degrees to spin an axle connected to the wheels. Simple bevel-cut gears allow for that change in direction, but there is another problem that has to be overcome: […] Read more