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Flexxifinger's header attachment is designed to hold down soybean rows while winter wheat is harvested in the same field, without damaging the bean crop.

Attachment sorts intercropped plants for harvesting

New product from Flexxifinger allows for easier harvesting in intercropped fields

Proponents of intercropping (growing two or more crops in the same field simultaneously) claim that system allows for a significant reduction in the typical input costs associated with controlling pest and disease problems in a monoculture environment, and it can significantly boost field yields at the same time. But there are obvious hurdles to overcome […] Read more

Flexxifinger of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, showed its new Corn Harvest Pans at Ag Connect Expo in Kansas City. The pans allow a regular draper header to be used for harvesting corn crops.

Harvest grain and corn with one header

Flexxifinger of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, introduced its Corn Harvest Pans, which 
allow Draper headers to cut corn

As new grain corn hybrids pop out of the ground in Western farm fields with increasing frequency, more producers are taking a look at the feasibility of incorporating that crop into their operations. For many, though, the added cost of new machinery investment has been a big impediment to making the leap. Flexxifinger of Assiniboia, Sask., […] Read more