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The inevitable rise in interest rates

Guarding Wealth: Interest rates are going to have to rise sooner than later. The trick will be in the timing

It is inevitable that interest rates will rise, but when that will happen, nobody knows. On Sept. 17, the U.S. Federal reserve announced that, yet again, the inevitable increase would be postponed, perhaps to December, perhaps beyond. Until then, the Fed will keep interest rates at the emergency level that has prevailed for half a […] Read more

VIDEO: Women in Ag Conference: Pt. 1

Grainews field editor interviews Gwen Paddock of RBC

When it comes to investing and financial planning, it’s important for women to be proactive. That was the message from Gwen Paddock, RBC Royal Bank’s national manager of agriculture and agri-business. Reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Gwen at the Advancing Women West conference in Calgary to learn more.

Making the best of inflation

Government taxes what it creates. Here are some strategies for making the best of it

Making capital gains is the essence of investing. Yet many gains are nothing of the sort. They are only the illusory repricing of goods and incomes. Government drives inflation, then taxes stocks and bonds, incomes, house prices and even farms that are part of the repricing. If you think that this is unjust, you’re right. […] Read more

A crack in world trade for any reason would echo in Canadian export markets, especially grains.

Protect your off-farm investments

The bull market we’ve been living with could be nearing its end. 
Keep your capital intact through the downturn

It is a principle of finance that people will pay almost anything for what they don’t know. Stocks with dubious futures can soar in price when investors, fearful of being left out, jump on the bandwagon. Voices of caution are few and far between. Yet now they are being heard. In New York, where you […] Read more

Farm financial planning: Trusts can increase family trust

Trust avoids family infighting for retiring Manitoba couple aiming to keep 
their land in the family, but also keep their kids still talking to each other

In south central Manitoba a couple we’ll call Harry and Ella, both 64, face the challenge of transferring their 3,500 acre mixed grain and 400 cow operation to their three children. The problem is that two of the children, each in the 30s, don’t want to farm. It’s a good business worth about $4 million. […] Read more

The high cost of buying stocks and bonds in a boom market

With financial prices rising, prudent investors need to be cautious in the marketplace

It is a paradox of off-farm investing that, as the U.S. economy strengthens and the Canadian economy gains speed, albeit sluggishly, buying stocks and bonds is getting to be harder, not easier. The reasons are, of course, that many other investors have already made their bets, bought the stocks they expect to rise, put money […] Read more

Young Manitoba farmers plan their lives

By planning early and including an off-farm pension,
 this young couple will have a secure retirement

A couple we’ll call Roger and Martha, both 29, farm in southern Manitoba. They have combined income of $160,000 a year based on Martha’s town job, which pays $90,000 a year, and Roger’s work on his family farm and his own part-time farm operation for which he draws $70,000 a year. Life is good for […] Read more

Estimating costs of production

If you haven't calculated your costs of production on the farm, government numbers can help get you started

Market analysts don’t always agree on price forecasts, but at every farm marketing presentation at least one analyst gives out the same piece of advice: know your cost of production. Calculating production costs is time consuming and frustrating. As soon as you’re done, the prices change. Here are four reasons to do it anyway: If […] Read more

Life’s secrets, according to you…

People of the world, tell me this — what’s the best financial advice you’ve ever received? Part One

I’ll never forget the day my dad sat me down when I was 16 years old… I was desperate to buy a car, and equally desperate to spend every last dime I had saved to purchase it. To me, the math was remarkably simple: more money = nicer vehicle = cool cat. According to my […] Read more