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The feral boar issue is a tough problem for many parts of the Prairies, but it’s not unsolvable.

Only an optimist would take this on

Not everyone would have the nerve to start tackling our tough-to-solve wild boar problem

I aspire to be a relentless optimist. I don’t mean that in a Pollyannaish sort of way. I like energetic optimists who get stuff done, such as Teddy Roosevelt and his national parks. I admire optimists with enough grit to figure out a way to climb over or under or around big obstacles. It’s very […] Read more

This nightime photo of a wild boar at large was captured by Michael Hicks’ game camera.

Saskatchewan’s elite hunting team

Meet the Saskatchewan hunters from Saskatchewan Crop Insurance's wild boar education plan

It’s a crew that comes from all walks of life — farmers, government employees, and semi-retired men. They come from all over the province. And once they get the call, they have 24 to 48 hours to assemble. Then they attempt to eradicate very intelligent, potentially dangerous animals that are invading farmland. While it may […] Read more