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This nightime photo of a wild boar at large was captured by Michael Hicks’ game camera.

Saskatchewan’s elite hunting team

Meet the Saskatchewan hunters from Saskatchewan Crop Insurance's wild boar education plan

It’s a crew that comes from all walks of life — farmers, government employees, and semi-retired men. They come from all over the province. And once they get the call, they have 24 to 48 hours to assemble. Then they attempt to eradicate very intelligent, potentially dangerous animals that are invading farmland. While it may […] Read more

Michael Hicks first realized he had wild boar on his pasture after setting up a game camera over Thanksgiving. After Hicks shot two of the pigs, the rest scattered. But one pig keeps returning. Hicks thinks it lost its mate after the scramble, and is hoping to reunite. Note the long hair.

Wild boar cause trouble on farms

There are many feral wild boar across the Prairies, but few of us will ever actually see them

Michael Hicks likes to talk about wildlife. The Glaslyn-area farmer still chuckles about the time he watched a black bear stand as high as it could on its hind legs, longing for out-of-reach oats in a grain truck. But just after Thanksgiving, Hicks’ game camera recorded something new in his pasture near Thunderchild Reserve, in northwestern […] Read more