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U.S. to remove tariffs on Canadian aluminum

Ottawa drops threat of retaliation on stock trailers, fencing, other aluminum goods

Washington/Ottawa | Reuters — The Trump administration said on Tuesday it will remove 10 per cent U.S. tariffs on raw Canadian aluminum as long as imports of the metal stay below levels that are expected to “normalize” over the next four months. In response, Canada dropped a threat to impose billions of dollars of retaliatory […] Read more

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Canada may unveil retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods Tuesday

Stock trailers could be among affected aluminum wares

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada will announce on Tuesday that it is going ahead with a threat to slap retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods after Washington said it would impose punitive measures on Canadian aluminum imports, CTV said on Monday. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said last month that Ottawa would impose sanctions on $3.6 […] Read more

Some scrap steel pieces around the yard were welded together to create a sturdy extension for a gate post.

When a gate post is too short

Those odds and ends around the yard can be put to good use

Once upon a time in our barnyard, we had a gate that wouldn’t stay on its hinges because the gate post was too short to support it. It was hung on a good solid railroad tie, but the railroad tie was set too deep in the ground for that particular gate. The post wasn’t tall […] Read more

D’oh, a deer! How to protect your garden and shrubs from deer and moose

D’oh, a deer! How to protect your garden and shrubs from deer and moose

Nice to look at, but also destructive. How to keep cervids away from your property

Moose, elk and deer are members of the family Cervidae (cervids) which includes some 41 species worldwide. In Canada, we have to contend with white-tailed deer (the number one pest), moose (called elk in Europe), mule or black-tailed deer and elk (called red deer in Europe). These animals can be very destructive around farms, acreages and orchards. Here is a list of […] Read more

Homemade wire holder with components for rolling out 
used wire.

Made-on-the-farm device for handling wire

Used parts here, sucker rod there, 
and a bit of welding

Building new fence can be a big job and can require different tools that a rancher or farmer doesn’t always own. For example, new fence requires a system to unroll the wire. Rather than purchase an unroller, we decided to try to make one. My father-in-law, John, built a very simple unroller that we could […] Read more

When a crowbar isn’t enough on frozen ground, a powered auger 
can get a hole started.

Tips for fencing on frozen ground

It may take a little longer, but at least the job gets done

With the 2018 harvest dragging out into late fall and a backlog of fall work to do, we weren’t too excited about trying our fencing project in the winter. We had over three miles of fence that needed to be built before spring. Our biggest concern was that the frost would be too deep and […] Read more

From snow and ice to almost muddy conditions, work continued on building a new fence that separates pasture from hayfield.

Winter brings a mixed bag of weather

Rancher's Diary: Ice, snow and even rainy conditions make chores challenging

January 28 We’ve had cold nights this past week. I’m glad we’re no longer calving in January. I finished revisions and updates for the new edition of my book Storey’s Guide to Training Horses. The thick ice on our lane and Andrea’s driveway is slippery and treacherous, making it tricky to get up and down […] Read more

wire rolling machine

Rolling up old fence wire simplified

Made in Sask. fence-wire roller makes tidy work of a laborious chore

Fencing is probably not a favourite chore for most livestock producers, and cleaning up snarled barbed wire even less so. But one Saskatchewan entrepreneur hopes to ease ranchers’ fencing pains with an automatic wire roller. Brad Mohr, owner of BAM Enterprises, says his brother came up with the initial level-wind wire roller design and started […] Read more

3-D fence graphic

Defend against deer with a 3-D fence

When tried and true methods just don’t work, a 3-D fence can keep deer out

With the increasing number of grain bags in the countryside, deer have learned that there is a feast waiting for them in grain bags. Once a bag is opened, other animals join the buffet. Never mind what gets eaten, but storage losses from moisture entering the bags, excreta, downgrading factors and foreign material add up […] Read more