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Homemade wire holder with components for rolling out 
used wire.

Made-on-the-farm device for handling wire

Used parts here, sucker rod there, 
and a bit of welding

Building new fence can be a big job and can require different tools that a rancher or farmer doesn’t always own. For example, new fence requires a system to unroll the wire. Rather than purchase an unroller, we decided to try to make one. My father-in-law, John, built a very simple unroller that we could […] Read more

Properly notched rails make a solid and attractive fence.

Tips for notching rail fences

Create a few simple tools from materials you have on hand

We have built a lot of fence on the ranch over the years for cattle, horses, and yes, even a few to keep the deer out of the yard or garden. Lodgepole rails are readily available in this part of the country, and at most fence supply outlets, and many of us utilize them alone […] Read more

The key is to set up two electric fence wires, one hot, one grounded or hot and then a separate hot wire about 30 to 36 inches (75 cm to 1 metre) outside of the two wire fence.

Defend against deer with a 3-D fence

When tried and true methods just don’t work, a 3-D fence can keep deer out

With the increasing number of grain bags in the countryside, deer have learned that there is a feast waiting for them in grain bags. Once a bag is opened, other animals join the buffet. Never mind what gets eaten, but storage losses from moisture entering the bags, excreta, downgrading factors and foreign material add up […] Read more