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Farmers’ markets are more than food

Farmers’ markets are more than food

First We Eat: When I take my aging mom it’s a slow, social event as she carefully examines everything and talks to everyone

We’ve finished our coffee, and I am helping my mom into my car for our weekly trip to one of the local farmers’ markets. She has her green corduroy tote bag over one arm, her purse holding its little zip-up change purse on the other, her favourite feathered hat on her head, her cane in […] Read more

Forbes has a variety of products for sale at the market.

Seabuckthorn berries — nutritious and tasty

Just ask Betty Forbes at Saskatoon’s Farmers’ Market

Have you ever tried seabuckthorn berries?” is the first question you will likely hear as you enter Saskatoon’s Farmers’ Market. Betty Forbes, who operates the first booth at the market, will then likely tell you that if you travelled to Saskatoon by vehicle, you’ve probably passed numerous seabuckthorn bushes without even knowing it. This bush […] Read more