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New water management and soil moisture monitoring tools show what’s happening below the soil in the root zone, allowing farmers to compare performance between tiled and non-tiled fields.

Satellites and drainage a good partnership

Farmers Edge and NextGen Drainage Solutions team up to advance tile drainage tech

One of the most common questions farmers ask about tile drainage is, “Will it work in our area?” As probably one of the most expensive investments a farmer will make, next to purchasing land, it’s understandable that farmers want to make sure tile drainage will work and give them some tangible benefits before they take […] Read more

Self-checking field health mapping system launched

The farmer’s job of poring over satellite field maps looking for disease, weed and insect trouble is about to go automatic. Winnipeg-based digital ag consulting firm Farmers Edge recently released Health Change Maps and Notifications, a new function that automatically scans the company’s daily satellite imagery and alerts growers of any changes in field health […] Read more

Adding an agronomist to your farm team

As farming gets more complicated a growing number of companies are offering to help out. Some farmers get advice from their local independent retailer, or an agronomist employed by a company like CPS. But more and more farmers are choosing to pay for agronomic advice. Based on the logo-covered trucks parked at farm shows, the […] Read more

Farmers Edge expands satellite imagery offering

Farmers Edge says it’s making satellite imagery a practical and affordable agronomic tool for farmers through a new strategic partnership with Planet, the company with the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites. “We think this will be game-changing,” Farmers Edge president and CEO Wade Barnes said in an interview Oct. 3. “I think it’s going to […] Read more

Smart Solutions collects all the data on seeding operations, for example — what and when it was seeded, fertility, in-crop treatments all by field and by soil zone.

So much more than just a rain gauge

Farmers Edge weather info 
service connects the dots of 
precision farming data

If you thought GPS and auto steer was a step forward in farming, check out the precision farming package Farmers Edge is launching this spring in Western Canada based around its on-farm, “field-centric,” precision weather data system. The weather station is just part of an overall integrated data collection package called Smart Solution. Weather information […] Read more

Major investment to build Farmers Edge’s data power

Canadian precision agronomy and farm data management firm Farmers Edge plans to keep taking its services to previously underserved acres around the world, with a major cash infusion from a group of its backers. Japanese commodities trading and investment firm Mitsui, Toronto commercial real estate company Osmington and the Green Growth Fund operated by investment […] Read more

Better weather information for better spraying decisions?

New technology allows farmers to have their own on-farm weather stations

In my last column, I wrote about how new technology sometimes scares the snot out of me (specifically driverless cars). But I’m not a complete Luddite, or neo-Luddite. I do have an iPhone, apps and all. Some of the apps I use most frequently during the summer are weather-related. I like to check if a […] Read more

While there are soil maps for areas across the Prairies, some areas lack detail. 

A new business model for precision ag data packages

Farmers Edge CEO Wade Barnes hopes to profit by bringing a bigger data 
package to more customers with a new full service, low price model

Farmers Edge has cut its per-acre pricing by more than 50 per cent for the 2015 growing season. Last year, farmers paid $8.95 per acre for a full-service package. This year, the price has fallen to $3.95 per acre, and that was lowered by a further 12 per cent for farmers who signed up before […] Read more

Minogue: Precision farming seeks new converts at new price point

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield + Byers is investing in ag technology with a new stake in Farmers Edge — which in turn now hopes to build its services’ popularity through more attractive pricing. Winnipeg-based Farmers Edge is one of a number of companies hoping to profit from new technology by packaging data solutions […] Read more