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Codie Stoain is a young Saskatchewan farmer offering custom spraying and trucking services in hopes of one day being able to afford to expand his own land base.

Custom operators are farmers too

Farmer Panel: Whether your farm is growing, holding steady 
or downsizing, custom work has a fit

Starting out, winding down or expanding the farm business or somewhere in between — those are among the good reasons producers for this Farmer Panel are providing custom farming services. Ultimately custom farming is about providing some extra cash flow or farm income when the equipment lineup may be somewhat oversized for the farm land […] Read more

This is a screen shot of part of Brad Hanmer’s farm near Govan, Sask. from a video taken by a camera-equipped drone operated by Greg Adelman of Crop Command Agronomy Ltd.

Mother Nature, as usual, holds all the cards for farmers

Farmers are optimistic about the growing season, as long as
 the weather doesn’t tip too far either way

While the spring seeding outlook was generally good as of late April, farmers in different parts of the Prairies described being close to feast-or-famine conditions as they planned to get the 2015 crop in the ground. Producers from mid-Saskatchewan and east were hopeful about getting the crop in as long as it didn’t rain, while […] Read more