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Feds pondering more self-reliance in Canada’s food

'Even if we are already in a good position, we can always do better,' Bibeau says

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is looking for ways to make Canada’s food supply more autonomous. In an interview Thursday, Bibeau pointed to her minority Liberal government’s pledge in the throne speech to further support the food value chain. That could mean a review of food infrastructure across the country, according to Bibeau. Specifics aren’t yet […] Read more

Farm women… love yourself more than your cows!

Home Quarter: Are you tired of being last? Decide what to hang on to and what to let go of

The cartoon featured a man and wife sitting upright in their bed with the man holding a pitchfork and a Holstein cow between them. The caption reads: “Honey you love your cows more than me!” Some dairy folks don’t find this funny, because they see a grain of truth in the humour. The cows often […] Read more

Lisa Guenther’s grandmother, Mary Guenther, kept on ranching when her husband was killed in an accident in 1959.

Running a ranch of her own

It’s not new for women to be involved in agriculture. Lisa Guenther’s 
grandmother was ranching on her own in Saskatchewan in 1959

When my grandmother, Mary Guenther, was 30 years old, her life changed drastically. Mary and her husband, Chuck, were ranching south of Maple Creek, Sask., and raising six kids. In 1959, Chuck’s tractor rolled, killing him, and Mary was widowed. But instead of giving up and moving to town, she kept on ranching. My grandmother […] Read more