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Fraser: In ag marketing, emotions need to start trumping facts

Emotional transparency 'actually goes a long way'

Go to an agricultural event and someone will inevitably point out how bad farmers are at getting their message to consumers. As annoying as it is, those comments underscore an increasingly important theme in Canadian agriculture: communication. It used to be enough to grow and market your crops, but that has changed dramatically over the […] Read more

Find your voice in Prairie farm politics

Just a take few steps up toward the microphone, and you can have a say in farm policy

In politics, we as farmers hope for a voice. We want our agricultural leaders to know what it’s like to run a farm; to get their hands dirty. We want our lawmakers to know that good policy comes from having one ear to the field and the other to the barn. And we want all […] Read more

The new wheat lobby

I’ve been using this space to write about the farm organizations we’re funding. In this issue: wheat. I’ve already written about the Western Grains Research Foundation, which uses a checkoff of $0.30 per tonne on wheat to fund wheat research. But there are also six new wheat-related groups that have sprung up across the Prairies […] Read more

Farm policy associations

In the past couple of issues of Grainews, I’ve used this space to write about farm research organizations and how they’re spending your checkoff dollars. This time, I’m taking a break from all that research to focus on farm policy organizations. For now, I’m only including “general” farm organizations — those groups that work for […] Read more

Building new farm leadership

Farmers need a strong voice, but getting new farmers into leadership roles is easier said than done

Farmers need a stronger voice in the supply chain to balance the commercial system. That’s what Dr. Brian Oleson told delegates at Fields on Wheels in December. Oleson specializes in co-operatives and marketing at the University of Manitoba. Oleson saw the Canadian Wheat Board as the farmer representative in the supply chain, he told delegates. […] Read more

You’re funding crop research

If you’re selling grain in Western Canada, you’re an agricultural research funder

Winter is the time to finally read those association newsletters that have been coming in the mail. Or to make time to go to one of their AGMs. There are a lot of AGMs for you to attend. I’ve made a list of the major checkoff-funded organizations in the Prairies. A Saskatchewan farmer could conceivably be […] Read more

The wheat and barley checkoff

Well, this is new,” you might be saying, if you weren’t really paying attention last year, and suddenly notice there are two deductions instead of just one on the sales ticket for your durum. Well, yes it is. Sort of. You always paid levies to the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), to the Canadian International […] Read more